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This page shows rejected Ideas. If you think somthing here is a good idea and you have something new to add to the discussion, please join the QA/IRC channel, so we can talk.

Idea: Use Skype Exclusively for our QA-Meetings

  • PROPOSED BY: Robinson
  • SUMMARY: If we all standardized on Skype to communicate, it would make communication so much easier.
  • REJECTED: Some members of the QA-Team don't use Skype. Skype is not FLOSS.

Idea: add rounded corners around all boxes on the wiki

  • PROPOSED BY: SteveBell
  • SUMMARY: As currently discussed, adjusting the box design of the wiki to use rounded corners would make the wiki look more consistent. This was discussed by the QA and Design teams as a preference.
  • Change boxes on the wiki to rounded corners
Why? Unless you’re developing a whole new MediaWiki theme, I do not see any benefit of this. —Fitoschido (talk) 2014-06-29T09:07:50 (UTC)
Is that still needed after the redesign of the LibO website we don't have any rounded corners in the website, too. I would mark that as WONTFIX. (already wrote a mail to joel). Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-06-29T10:53:33 (UTC)