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This page is a translated version of the page ReleaseNotes/7.1 and the translation is 70% complete.

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O tej strani


  • Added a new Writer Outline folding mode (as experimental feature). You should enable Experimental features in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced dialog to see "Show outline content visibility button" checkbox in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Writer ▸ View dialog. After checking it you'll can see a button with arrow near any selected heading in your document. Click on it to fold all text from the current heading to next heading. Right click on it to fold all text from current heading to next the same level heading with all its subheadings tdf#38093 (Jim Raykowski)
  • Added several table formulas for Word interoperability (László Németh, NISZ)
  • Added Styles Inspector for displaying all the attributes of Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and manually formatted (Direct Formatting) properties. tdf#134554. Read the necessity of this tool here. (Shivam Kumar Singh, GSoC; mentors: Mike Kaganski, Heiko Tietze, Tomaz Vajngerl)
Slogovni inšpektor
  • Input fields now can be toggled with View ▸ Field Names core commit 926a1a16 (Michael Stahl, CIB)
  • Writer can now detect Unicode type even if imported text file does not have a BOM tdf#60145 (Tomofumi Yagi)


Zapolni s spojenimi celicami

Fix lost merging and bad linear sequence of numbers during fill with merged cells (Attila Szűcs, NISZ):

  • Kopiranje strukture spojenih celic kot v drugih elektronskih preglednicah (tdf#40993, tdf#59585).
  • Select merged area wholly to fix the selection rectangle during fill, fixing incomplete attribute copying, bad grid and border tdf#43958
  • Apply correct linear sequence of numbers by skipping empty overlapped (invisible, i.e. not top-left) cells of the merged areas tdf#88782

Nove funkcije preglednice

Spremenjene funkcije preglednice

Impress in Draw

  • Adding visible signatures to existing PDF files in Draw. Blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • Now Impress allows changing animations for several objects at once tdf#126394 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Presentation console has an "Exit" button now tdf#90978 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Presentation console has a "Pause/Resume" button now tdf#128964 (Srijan Bhatia)
  • Added realistic soft blurred shadows for objects tdf#48722 (Ahmad Ganzouri, GSoC; mentors: Miklos Vajna (Collabora), Tomaž Vajngerl)
New soft blurred shadow
  • Added new physics based animation capabilities and new animation effect presets that use them. Namely Fall Simulated, Shoot right/left and return, Fall and fade out. Blog post (Sarper Akdemir, GSoC; mentor: Thorsten Behrens (CIB))
Physics based animation effects






Novo pogovorno okno: Dodatki

In various places, it should be possible to get more content such as macros or templates from external storage. This requirement is now fulfilled with the Additions Dialog. blog post (Yusuf Keten, GSoC; mentors: Muhammet Kara (Collabora), Heiko Tietze)

Pogovorno okno Dodatki v LibreOffice

Kaj in zakaj?

When we want to install an extension, we need to search it from the webpage, download and install it using by the Extension Manager. Now, we can get extensions 1-click installing. This dialog is appropriate for searching and installing not only general extensions but also other types of extensions such as templates, macros, icons, etc. The main purpose of creating this dialog is to improve user experience. Therefore, nearly every detail of the extensions exist in the user interface. This simplicity is designed and created thanks to the web API, power of extension manager, and additions dialog.

Note: Please visit the blog post to learn how to link Additions to other dialogs.



  • can change the sorting filter according to the desire. Options are download number, rating, and comment number.
  • can see which extensions are installed with this feature. Installed extensions are disabled on the list.
  • can see the name, description, screenshot, rating, comment number, download number of the extensions from the list.
  • can access the extension webpage and the comment section of the extension with the links on the UI.

Pomoč za LibreOffice

  • Razširjeni namigi v pogovornih oknih so ponovno omogočeni (tdf#118148; Olivier Hallot, Christian Lohmaier).


Izboljšave uvoznega/izvoznega filtra DOCX

  • Dodana podpora za sledenje spremembam v plavajočih tabelah (tdf#132271; László Németh, NISZ).

Izboljšave uvoznega/izvoznega filtra XLSX

Izboljšave uvoznega/izvoznega filtra PPTX

Uporabniški vmesnik

Teme ikon

Spletni LibreOffice

Jezikovno prilagajanje

Vključitev podpore za dodatne jezike

Dodatni jeziki na seznamu jezikov

Vključitev drugih jezikov



Odstranjevanje zastarelih možnosti, funkcionalnosti


Združljivost s platformami



It's now possible to build LibreOffice native for Windows Arm64. This is realized as a cross-build from Windows x64. It's in early development and has some known limitations, documented in tdf#137143. The Windows build instructions in the Wiki were also updated.


Podpora za Javo

  • On macOS, when manually adding a Java runtime environment via LibreOffice ▸ Preferences... ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced ▸ Java Options ▸ Add..., you can now also select a JDK that is not installed under /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines. core commit 7db048f6

Spremembe API-ja

Spremembe UNO API

  • Added scollbar properties to AWT tabpage (and added documentation for those at AWT dialogs - which were there since LibreOffice 4.0) core commit b3f2530a (Thorsten Behrens, CIB)

Spremembe prilagoditev

  • Renamed config items with unintended meanings (Thorsten Behrens, CIB)
  • The ImageIdentifier property of MenuItem and ToolBarItem types from /org.openoffice.Office.Addons/ used to accept URLs to internal images, with the syntax private:image/<number>. This was broken for a few years, and now removed completely. Referencing user-defined images with this property should still work, although being obsolete. core commit 3e4968e6

Spremembe SDK

  • Remove OSL_SIGNAL_USER_RESOURCEFAILURE from include/osl/signal.h. Should only have been used by internal code anyway. core commit 9951d414
  • Remove OSL_THIS_FUNC from include/osl/diagnose.h. Should only have been used by internal code anyway. core commit e5356fb0
  • Remove unused and deprecated sal_Char/sal_sChar/sal_uChar from include/sal/types.h. core commit c3634ad6

Pregledovalnik za Android

Nove funkcionalnosti