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  • Linux deb and rpm:
    • please, read detailed instructions for different distributions
    • the Linux packages can be installed in parallel to LibreOffice 4.1, but not run simultaneously - documents will be opened in the version you've started first.
  • Windows:
    • If you notice undesirable interactions between LibreOffice and other ODF supporting software, please report this as a bug.
    • LibreOffice Windows installers are signed by The Document Foundation.

New Features

An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

Symbol Server for debugging on Windows

Starting with LibreOffice 4.2.0 RC1, debugging symbols (pdb files) for Windows builds will be available from our symbol server at (note: this is not a webbrowsable resource, it is meant to be used by debugging tools like WinDbg. See our documentation on How to get a backtrace with WinDbg for details on how to set it up. And starting with 4.2.0 RC2, the debugging symbols are also source indexed.

Reported Bugs

A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla, the full list of reported bugs is here.

List of fixed bugs

Bugs fixed against 4.2.5 RC1:

  1. bnc#870233 2nd part of import font color from color fragment for SmartArts [Zolnai Tamás]
  2. bnc#870237 wrong text position in grouped list [Zolnai Tamás]
  3. tdf#40073 fix look for translated frame styles [Elie Roux]
  4. tdf#52547 paste preference is image, then html, then text. [Andrzej Hunt]
  5. tdf#56392 fix hyphenation (remove fix, except hard hyphen part) [László Németh]
  6. tdf#64956 editeng: fix RTF color table export [Michael Stahl]
  7. tdf#70455 B1:SOMENAME is not a valid singleton reference [Eike Rathke]
  8. tdf#76752 don't add the changes toolbar to the forms window, [Markus Mohrhard]
  9. tdf#76953 cannot start show at selected slide [Zolnai Tamás]
  10. tdf#77454 sw: ww8 import: add heuristic to ignore mangled crop values [Michael Stahl]
  11. tdf#78332 sw: fix separators in SwDDEFieldType::PutValue() [Michael Stahl]
  12. tdf#78737 sw: fix setting tab stops via ruler [Michael Stahl]
  13. tdf#78801 paste preference is image, then html, then text. [Andrzej Hunt]
  14. tdf#78927 use different XML attribute names for asian and complex fonts. [Kohei Yoshida]
  15. tdf#78976 correct way to determine the end position for matrix check. [Kohei Yoshida]
  16. tdf#79372 fix hyphenation (remove fix, except hard hyphen part) [László Németh]
  17. tdf#79392 don't access after last row, when last row is max last row [Caolán McNamara]
  18. tdf#79719 recognize ##-MMM-## as date even if ambiguous [Eike Rathke]
  19. rhbz#1096747 crash/hang on format-page on html document [Caolán McNamara]
  20. rhbz#1101224 [abrt] libreoffice-core: ScTable::GetName(rtl::OUString&) const(): soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV [Eike Rathke]

Thanks to all who took part in handling the issues

Thanks to all who took part in handling the issues involved for the 4.2.5 release: QA-team, bugreporters, developers. Not covered in this stats of course are the many community members in other areas like l10n/translation and marketing, user support that also deserve a big thank you.

  37 Kohei Yoshida
  25 m.a.riosv
  23 Michael Stahl
  21 Julien Nabet
  20 Andras Timar
  18 Jean-Baptiste Faure
  17 tommy27
  14 sophie
  13 Jorendc
  13 Joel Madero
  13 Cor Nouws
  12 Björn Michaelsen
  10 Eike Rathke
   8 Foss
   7 V Stuart Foote
   7 Miklos Vajna
   7 Jay Philips
   7 Caolán McNamara
   6 pierre-yves samyn
   5 Laurent BP
   5 Andrzej Hunt
   4 bfoman
   4 Terrence Enger
   4 Rainer Bielefeld Retired
   4 Markus Mohrhard
   4 Adolfo Jayme
   3 gibi
   3 Owen Genat
   3 Michael Meeks
   3 László Németh
   3 Jan Holesovsky
   2 manj_k, ign_christian, Zolnai Tamás, Winfried Donkers, Teraslilja,
     Stephan Bergmann, Roman Eisele, Robinson Tryon (qubit), Olivier Hallot,
     OfficeUser, Noel Power, Nikos, Muthu, Marina Latini, Lukas Jelinek, Lionel
     Elie Mamane, Jacques Guilleron, Florian Reisinger, Firas Hanife, Elie Roux
   1 whoever, vlb, tmacalp, taka, tajuma, sam tygier, ribotb, reddish,
     pharmankur, pafal, kifcaliph, k-j, jmxhyz, jm, gui, freeseek,, domike, chtfn, chris.hoe, ape, Yulin, Yogesh
     Bharate, W.Muellner, Vittorio Mandelli, Uwe Wiest, Uwe Dippel, Urmas,
     Ulrich Moser, Tomofumi Yagi, Tomaz Vajngerl, Tom Meinen, Thomas van der
     Meulen, Thomas Lutz, Thomas, Thierry Vignaud, Steve Valliere, Russell
     Schmitt, Rory Nolan, Ron Johnson, Rohit Deshmukh, Robert M Campbell,
     Robert Gonzalez MX, Rob Mercado, Rico Tzschichholz, Rick, Riccardo
     Vianello, Rafael Ugalde Beriain, Radek Doulik, QA Administrators, Philippe
     Debrabant, Petr Valach, Peter Lairo, Parinya Teerakasemsuk, Pablo
     Rodríguez, Not Assigned, NoWorries, Milos Sramek, Miguel Guedes, Miguel,
     Michael Kleidt, Michael Hanscho, Maxim Monastirsky, Massimo, Markus
     Michels, Mark van Rossum, Marcos Mello, Marc PHILIPPE, Luiz Angelo Daros
     de Luca, Linda, LantSY, Karl Zeiler, João Mac-Cormick, Jose, Johnny
     Baloney, Joel, Jochen, Jim Wilson, JPJ, IanH, Henrik, Harald Koester,
     Gilles Gravier, Gerry, Gene Kohlenberg, Fred Polizo, Filip Rembiałkowski,
     Enrique, Emanuele, Elcom, Dr. Matthias Weisser, Dominique Boutry, Dominik,
     Dinesh, David Tardon, Cássio Alexandre Damião, Cristian Gómez, Christina
     Rossmanith, Christian Kujau, Charlie Hagedorn, Carlos Menandro, Brice
     Maron, Brian Piccioni, Bob Furber, Björgvin Ragnarsson, Baurzhan
     Muftakhidinov, Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis, Antony, Anton
     Derbenev, Andreas Berger, Alistair Leslie-Hughes, Alex Kempshall, Alex,
     Alberto Ruiz, Abhi, A. Barcomb, A (Andy)