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    • LibreOffice 6.3 will require Windows 7 or newer

    New Features

    An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

    Reported Bugs

    A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla. On the other hand, the list of annoying bugs fixed in this version is available from Bugzilla. the full list of reported bugs is here.


    The full list of people who have collaborated in this release is here.

    List of fixed bugs

    Bugs fixed compared to 6.3.0 (rc4):

    1. cid#1448222 out-of-bounds read [Caolán McNamara]
    2. cid#1448262 dereference before null check [Caolán McNamara]
    3. tdf#39742 DRAW, IMPRESS: Menu 'Tools-Options-DRAW-Print' settings not respected [Gabor Kelemen]
    4. tdf#42316 Creating a new document from a template removes the signature from all Macros [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    5. tdf#44786 PRINTING: Draw ignores global print options, forgets print dialog settings [Gabor Kelemen]
    6. tdf#54908 printing when a selection is active should take in account it and activate the "print selection" radio button [Daniel Silva]
    7. tdf#94300 Fill gradients dont work in area content panel of chart sidebar [Katarina Behrens]
    8. tdf#106000 delete/edit comment in context box not an option if comment is escaped without writing anything in it. [Miklos Vajna]
    9. tdf#107975 CRASH: Crash after undo operation (BigPtrArray::Index2Block(unsigned long) [Zdeněk Crhonek]
    10. tdf#110442 EDITING: The image within the selection doesn't disappear after cutting [Michael Stahl]
    11. tdf#112535 FILESAVE: DOC: Image got distorted after RT [Miklos Vajna]
    12. tdf#116085 Cannot start Certificate Manager with GPG4win v3 [Thorsten Behrens]
    13. tdf#117185 Crash when closing the document after a specific undo redo operation (Paste) due to inserted fly anchored at end of last paragraph in body [Michael Stahl]
    14. tdf#118384 Sidebar: Style is not added back to hierarchy after deleting and redoing it [Jim Raykowski]
    15. tdf#121599 (Supress-migration-dialog) [META] Firebird Migration: Suppress migration dialog when embedded HSQLDB not opened interactively [Xisco Fauli]
    16. tdf#122358 Forms: Right and bottom borders of form-controls set to 'FLAT' style not displayed (gtk3) [Caolán McNamara]
    17. tdf#122774 All items in AutoFilter popup menu are not keyboard accessible [Jim Raykowski]
    18. tdf#123099 Creating new "HSQLDB Embedded" database immediately brings up migration-to-Firebird dialog [Xisco Fauli]
    19. tdf#123591 Firebird - Incorrect Pasting of Numeric Data [Xisco Fauli]
    20. tdf#123702 FILEOPEN RTF Size of page margins is different in Word and Writer [László Németh]
    21. tdf#124108 auto-correction of typographic quotation marks and apostrophes broken for fr_CI [Eike Rathke]
    22. tdf#124700 LibO6.2 regression: bad misrendering of metafile [Caolán McNamara]
    23. tdf#125100 EDITING: Insert OLE Object behaves different if new document is generated from template [Ilhan Yesil]
    24. tdf#125483 Changing Locale does not update the label of the separator key [Caolán McNamara]
    25. tdf#125609 radiobutton receives item status changed event after listbox value selection [Justin Luth]
    26. tdf#125628 FORMATTING: Part of text loose yellow highlight reopening document [Tamás Zolnai]
    27. tdf#125923 Numbering and Bullets dialog Revert button closes window instead of reverting changes on Impress [Gülşah Köse]
    28. tdf#126070 New Bullets Dialog - Preview zone not resizable + levels above 6-7 not visible with default zone size [Gülşah Köse]
    29. tdf#126168 Crash in: rtl_uString_acquire: frame style undo redo [Vasily Melenchuk]
    30. tdf#126222 EDITING Writer: After scrolling extra header/footer are shown [Ilhan Yesil]
    31. tdf#126227 Top border not displayed on track changes (gtk3) [Caolán McNamara]
    32. tdf#126309 Opening RTF document with Hebrew RLT (right to left) text is shown with the text written from left to right [Miklos Vajna]
    33. tdf#126460 Wrong rendering with Greyscale TIF with no / transparent background [Caolán McNamara]
    34. tdf#126471 Mail merge ignores preselected printer when printing second time [Michael Weghorn]
    35. tdf#126485 Tabs and indents in numbering and item list were limited to less than 20 pt [Caolán McNamara]
    36. tdf#126511 Delete path to Gallery from graphics list in B&N dialog [Gülşah Köse]
    37. tdf#126544 in DOCX files, some styles's "text direction" appears Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right depending on User Interface Language [Justin Luth]
    38. tdf#126588 EDITING: Firebird: View could be executed, but crashes when trying to save [Noel Grandin]
    39. tdf#126590 FILEOPEN DOCX Absolute links broken in Writer [Tünde Tóth]
    40. tdf#126597 Don't crash Outlook 2016 when sending multiple attachments mail via SimpleMail [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    41. tdf#126611 XML Form Document: instance Data Navigator isn't shown in toolbar [andreas kainz]
    42. tdf#126626 CRASH: pasting fly at-char selection [Michael Stahl]
    43. tdf#126627 CRASH: undoing redlinehide deletion [Michael Stahl]
    44. tdf#126641 Hyperlink to bookmark in doc[x] file does not work [Mike Kaganski]
    45. tdf#126642 Allow PDF form export with different defaults based on Archive setting [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    46. tdf#126643 If I select LibreOffice Calc macros Python, an error message box mentions JRE is required. [Mike Kaganski]
    47. tdf#126663 XLSX: LibreOffice is freezed when I try open Style list in Sidebar [Julien Nabet, Noel Grandin]
    48. tdf#126680 Two Finger Horizontal Scroll is Reversed on Linux and macOS [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    49. tdf#126684 Character Style border attributes UI doesn't show borders or allow change to borders [Mike Kaganski]
    50. tdf#126685 CRASH: selecting all in sheet [Noel Grandin]
    51. tdf#126691 Placement of items in Writer + Undo is 100% broken [Caolán McNamara]
    52. tdf#126708 EMF image lost in command-line conversion from .odt to .doc [Luke Deller]
    53. tdf#126723 FILEOPEN DOCX Numbered list item gets indent setting from next paragraphs footnote [Justin Luth]
    54. tdf#126732 FILEOPEN: Writer crashes on opening Docx file [Caolán McNamara]
    55. tdf#126736 In line dialog, tab "Line Styles", dash length and spacing cannot be larger than 5% [Caolán McNamara]
    56. tdf#126746 Closed shape cap style, losed after export to pptx [Bartosz Kosiorek]
    57. tdf#126748 Intermittent crash exporting a ODS to XLSX [Mike Kaganski]
    58. tdf#126766 FORMATTING -10000 sometimes shows up as .0000 [Eike Rathke]
    59. tdf#126769 Sidebar can't be collapsed clicking on the hide arrow [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    60. tdf#126790 CRASH: Closing LibreOffice while 'Help is not Installed' dialog is open in extension manager (gen/gtk) [Caolán McNamara]
    61. tdf#126808 UI: Writer crashes opening the style edit window after doing many style edits [Miklos Vajna]
    62. tdf#126844 Find & Replace Dialog no longer permits me to format "Replace" text. (GTK3) [Caolán McNamara]
    63. tdf#126848 Drop-down filter window in Pivot table is flickering when move mouse point on it [Xisco Fauli]
    64. tdf#126859 Custom document properties cannot be accessed in LO 6.3 [Caolán McNamara]
    65. tdf#126889 HELP: Very large images in a page of online help [Olivier Hallot]
    66. tdf#126931 Wrong date formats for Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian [Eike Rathke]
    67. tdf#126943 CRASH: Closing LibreOffice while load Styles dialog is open ( gen ) [Caolán McNamara]


    This build contains these translation updates: [1]. See credits for each language.