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Vector-based solutions?

What aspects of high-res display could be solved by using vector-based graphics? (e.g. svg icons, etc...) Qubit (talk) 2013-12-11T03:24:12 (UTC)

Yes, but only somewhat. What needs to happen is people need to design for hidpi. Even if you work in a scalable system, but you ultimately know it is for 16x16 or 26x26, you make assumptions about how much detail you can put into the bitmap. Instead of a cartoon picture of a floppy icon, you could put in a photograph ;-)
Also, there are some places in the code that needed to be fixed up. For example, the status bar controls had hard-coded the pixel sizes of the bitmaps so if you put something else in there, it wouldn't work (draw funny, hit-testing messed up.) So I've been doing doubling and some cleanup along the way. KeithCu (talk) 2013-12-11T20:06:25 (UTC)