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For contributing to Impress Remote, I've just added this on git config -e of cloned project:

[remote "gerrit"]
        url = ssh://<your usename><project name, e.g. impress_remote or core>
        fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/gerrit/*

With assuming you are using unique public/private key for all your works, it is much easier than current manual way. Ebraminio (talk) 2014-02-02T14:28:44 (UTC)

This all seems very *nix oriented. Fair enough. But what about those few of us who have Windows? Ptoye (talk) 2016-04-07T10:09:29 (UTC)

There is nothing *nix specific. Which ssh tool do you use? Go to your home folder and add there the .ssh folder. That is totally platform independent. Get comfortable with ssh. Dennis Roczek (talk) 2016-04-07T12:41:06 (UTC)
Thanks Dennis. But as a total Git/Gerrit virgin I'm confused about the ./logerrit line. Apart from the forward slash issue (trivial), where does logerrit come from? Or should I have downloaded something? Ptoye (talk) 2016-04-07T13:52:11 (UTC)
Hi Ptoye,
Thanks. I finally found your circular reference comment: the submitPatch page is transcluded at Development/gerrit and thus totally confusing when being on the submitPatch page. :-)
I have fixed that now.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2016-05-31T15:59:11 (UTC)
Thanks. These pages are confusing enough as it is :-) There are two of us editing the same pages now - gets even more confusing! I edited the SubmitPatch page to remove the reference a few hours ago. I'd not realised about the transclusion. I hope this hasn't messed things up for you.
I'm still confused about ./logerrit - where does it come from, or is it only for *nix systems?Ptoye (talk) 2016-05-31T16:11:34 (UTC)
No, only because you edited (in my eyes improved) the pages, I see the mistakes which were done ages ago and thus can help to clear them up. Hence I actually do try to clean them up since a very long time. (a few years actually). It is really good if you fix mistakes and remove confusion and the like.
regarding: ./logerrit - it is a shell script within the libreoffice core.git which should improve the complex system of git, gerrit and git-review for new users who are new to systems which uses source code revision tools. You can see the code of the script at and can be used by using bash. I used to use it on windows by using portablegit with the git-bash.exe
I hope that helps you.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2016-06-01T08:54:42 (UTC)
Thanks very much Dennis - that's very helpful. Unfortunately all my Unix books are in a store pending the house move, so decoding the logerrit script is a bit beyond me. I've not used Unix scripting in 15 years, so I'm more than a bit rusty. Also I've never even heard of portablegit (I told you I was a newbie!) - I simply downloaded Git for Windows when starting this work. I can't work out the relationship between them, but haven't had much time yet.
One thing that seems to be missing from the wiki pages is any comment on how the Change-Id line gets into the commit. I assume it's via the commit hook, but that doesn't seem to work on Windows. And translating that script into something that Windows will understand is a mega-job. Windows just doesn't have the useful utilities like sed and awk that Unix users take for granted :-( The comment from Cloph on the chat to invent my own seems to have worked, but isn't particularly random by definition.
One slight improvement I'll make to your edit is to add a link to the submodule page at the relevant place. It seems a bit more logical than having a link to a page with a link to another page. I think the page contents need a bit of reorganisation as there are things on the submodule page, such as the commit hook, which are relevant to the main dev pages. Ptoye (talk) 2016-06-01T09:29:49 (UTC)