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Hi, community In this page I see two errors that I cannot trace.

1. The file link, which in Spanish version of the page looks as a dead link, but not in English. It is not a <translated> paragraph!

   File:Populate-spreadsheet-from-db by-lanedoCOM.ods

2. The category Macro has the /es template, but in Spanish has twoo slashes! How come????

Please help

It was interesting: you had indented the problematic rows, so the wiki saw them as code blocks. When I removed the indentation whitespaces, both problems were gone. I also simplified the use of translate elements, because you had added many unnecessary ones. Remember that you only need to close and reopen the blocks, when you want to either skip some text or break up some long text (like long lists). I also changed the macro code block to use syntaxhighlighting. Thanks for the work!
--Beluga (talk) 2020-08-18T05:48:08 (UTC)