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    Rename page

    I think this page needs to be renamed for clarity.

    At the very least, the location could be changed to "Macros/Python Design Guide", and the displayed title kept as-is.

    Even better would be to merge it with the incomplete and seemingly abandoned Macros/Python Guide. What do you think?

    --Khanson679 (talk) 2017-11-10T06:08:32 (UTC)

    Thanks for your interest in documentation.

    I agree with you about Macros/Design Guide page location and title. Such implies other languages relocation when needed AFAIK.

    Macros/Python Guide original author contacted me one year ago to work jointly. I felt his approach was somehow a 'Getting started with Python' one while Macros/Design Guide's intent is to provide a global hi-level approach that may help Python coders decide on what to use or not to use, while identifying at the same time limitations of Python integration into LibreOffice. As Python developers lack macros examples, I encouraged my contact to pursue his efforts and I thought those contents would be merged at a later stage, when both had grown sufficiently.

    You may observe Macros/Python Guide and Macros/Design Guide french contents are densier, as english pages mostly derive from them. You may contact Macros/Python Guide original author to verify it's actually abandoned.

    BTW: You may explain me Wiki editing facilities as I keep web-editing pages with pain.

    --LibreOfficiant (talk) 2017-11-10T10:08:32 (UTC)

    I looked at the French version of Macros/Python Guide and sure enough, it looked much more complete.

    I see that you moved Macros/Design Guide to [[Macros/Python Design Guide. I'll set the title properly with the"OrigLang" template in the English version. If the result is acceptable, you can change the French version with "Lang".

    --Khanson679 (talk) 2017-11-28T06:51:06 (UTC)

    Console on Windows

    Note that in 6.3+, soffice.bin is console application already; and there's a dedicated (also console) to launch from command prompt and other console applications. There should be no need in editbin.exe.

    --LibreOfficiant (talk) 2020-10-09T16:45:00 (UTC) Python print() tested OK with startup I'll take that point, and shall modify the page accordingly. Any idea about MacOs & Linux ?