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How to handle bugs for LibreOffice Component Extension

Somme comments done by user Qbit

Other Extensions

  • Re: extensions AOO or other websites, I disagree: We have essentially no control over extensions from external sources, and should treat them as a separate case. -- Qubit (talk) 2013-03-30T17:31:57 (UTC)
we CAN do that, the suggested additional Product can be discussed (and indeed I see some adventage), but I currently do not see a problem, and I am afraid that such an additional Product might worry more than that it brings clarification. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-03-30T18:39:57 (UTC)
    • I don't see a mechanism for contacting the author on that website, or even the name of the author, for that matter! But I strongly agree that we add the author's name and a means of contacting him --Qubit (talk) 2013-03-30T17:31:57 (UTC)
The direct access to author contact is related to particular permissions, indeed, we will have to find a solution. For now I will add me as default QA contact, I have the required permissions. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-03-30T18:31:21 (UTC)
    • I'd suggest that we be a bit more specific about what steps to take when handling a bug. Also, what are 'Extension Review Perms'? Could someone please add more information on the Extensions page about the site, administrative roles, and members in those roles? Thanks! --Qubit (talk) 2013-03-30T17:31:57 (UTC)
Indeed, the review proceeding is at least not well documented. We should start a Wiki page with the required hints, please submit a bug report so that Andreas will impulse someone who knows to leave some hints. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-03-30T18:39:57 (UTC)
    • I disagree. If we try to fix a bug and then fail, we should mark it as "can't" or "won't" fix. If a bug is truly NOTOURBUG, then in my mind that means that (at least via official channels) we aren't going to try to fix it, and the contents of the bug report should be passed on to the appropriate site/person for handling. --Qubit (talk) 2013-03-30T17:31:57 (UTC)
It's your right to disagree, but I think you should state what problems you see, contribute an alternative and state why you think that that will work better. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-03-30T18:39:57 (UTC)