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Нужно дооформление страницы. Разбиение помощи по локальному и глобальному сообществу. Также, до сих пор остаётся под вопросом работы по переводу Help'а и контроль качества локализации.

-- Tagezi (talk) 2014-08-09T15:22:28 (UTC)

Well it depends (as aways)... My experience says, that developers mostly understand enough English to read pages and write with other developers. Everybody else in a "localization / translation project" might having more troubles. In the German community we are struggling to get enough helpers to work on the "official" documentations to get them translated in time. They (I'm not a good documenter) need simply more manpower. :-(
So TLDR: remove the developing pat for translated pages and concentrate on the language related pages. (my 2cents) Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-08-09T18:02:47 (UTC)
I'm sorry. I forgot to translate this message into English.
I said that this page is in a mess. Parts of possible help for the local community of LibreOffice RU is not separated from parts possible help for the global community of LibreOffice. It is necessary to separate them.
Besides, now work on help translation and QA localization is suspended temporarily. It needs addition.
If we mean this pages Разработка and Как собрать LibreOffice в Linux из исходного кода: Приёмы и Хитрости , I translate them for my own interest.
-- Tagezi (talk) 2014-08-09T20:01:06 (UTC)
No problem. Normally this discussion should be in ussian - the only problem is that the language communities in the wiki are simply too small, so I try to help everywhere. ;-)
Yeah, I think you're right: the page should either separate the tasks for the "global" project and the Russian project, or simply only list tasks for the Russian project as people who do want to help in the global project have to speak English (esp. developers) and thus should be able to read the "English/International/Global" page. A note on the Russian page that there are global tasks (where English skills is needed) should normally be enough.
The development pages, you linked above, are totally fine and might get new (Russian) developers the help they are searching for. My comment was mostly regarding to the Get Involved/ru page. BTW: Did you wrote the parts or did you collect them from somewhere? I think the English page needs some more content and links...
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-08-10T16:45:20 (UTC)