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    What does this mean?

    New typographic settings Note: these features are part of CSS4 Text Module Level 4, DTP software and in the case of hyphenation zone, OOXML/MSO.

    What does this sentence mean?

    I added some links, I hope it helps.--Beluga (talk) 2022-09-23T11:03:14 (UTC)

    --Suokunlong (talk) 2022-09-23T11:35:11 (UTC)

    Does this sentence mean:

    All the features listed above in this section are part of "CSS4 Text Module Level 4" and part of "DTP software", except for the feature "hyphenation zone". The feature "hyphenation zone" is part of OOXML/MSO (specification? standard?).

    I am asking because I don't know how to translate this into Chinese as it seems to have multiple meaning.