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About This Page

This is an in-progress scratch-pad of notes to build release notes from as and when we release. Please do not list features that are to be shipped already in the 7.4 release! Please do not add wish-list features that you hope will be implemented, but only what actually is implemented already.

What does a good feature look like here:

  • It has a description, and a way for a busy reviewer, to find and play with the feature. Target someone who is extremely busy, and knows little-to-nothing about the product. So if a user interface element is key to the feature, be very explicit about where it is, e. g. Menu ▸ Format ▸ Character ▸ Position [tab] ▸ ‘90 degrees’ paths to the elements you changed. Of course, you know your feature is important, and that everyone should care about the Extensible AutoShapes Properties dialog – but often the guys taking the screenshots and writing the notes do not.
  • It credits the main authors who did the work – just add them in brackets after the feature, where possible.
  • If the feature can be shown off with a sample / test file – particularly for new import-able features, it would be wonderful to have a link to/up-load of a test file that we can use to show that feature off to best effect. That really helps us to make good screenshots to show off the features, and allows reviewers to do their testing.

Thanks in advance for your help filling this out!


  • Menu item Tools ▸ Update ▸ Update all now updates the preview of OLE objects blog post (Miklos Vajna; Collabora)
  • Various border improvements around tables and paragraphs to make them more Word-compatible blog post (Miklos Vajna; Collabora)
  • Fixed Index or Table of Contents generation when Create Index or Table of Contents ▸ For: is set to Chapter in the Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography dialogue (Insert ▸ Table of Contents and Index). The generated entries start from the current chapter level, instead of the previously hardwired level 2 tdf#130318 (Andreas Heinisch; Emanuele Gissi, CNVVF)
  • Writer now supports clearing breaks from Word for improvement layout fidelity blog post (Miklos Vajna; Collabora)
  • Accessibility check dialog (Tools ▸ Accessibility Check...) is now rendered asynchronously core commit 61fed0c4 (Nick Wingate; Collabora)
  • For documents that are loaded read-only, Writer will now allow to view tracked changes, both via the dialog from Edit ▸ Tracked Changes ▸ Manage... and in the sidebar. core commit 82e789bf (Michael Stahl, allotropia)
  • Tracked footnote deletion and insertion are visible in the footnote area tdf#85610 (László Németh, NISZ)
Format footnote numbers to show tracked footnote deletion and insertion in the footnote area
  • Handle the "hang" baseline OpenType property, allowing text of different sizes to align to the hagning baseline. tdf#104930 (Mark Hung)
  • Writer now supports rich text and checkbox content controls from Word natively blog post (Miklos Vajna; Collabora)


  • Calc now supports and uses 16384 columns (blog post) . (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • Added COUNTA, PRODUCT, STDEV, STDEVP, VAR, VARP functions to drop-down autosum widget on Formula bar tdf#139602 (Dhiraj Holden)
  • Put text in selected cell into hyperlink item Text when you use the Hyperlink dialog (Ctrl + K). If the user selects an entire cell by a single click, and inserts an URL via the hyperlink dialog, the entire content of the corresponding cell will be replaced instead of inserting a duplicate, or appending the URL. If the cell contains more than one URL or an URL including some additional text within the cell, the hyperlink dialog will only preselect the text field when opening. If this is not the case, it fill the URL field as well. tdf#80043 (Andreas Heinisch)
  • The height of the formula bar is now stored into the document. tdf#99708 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  • Improve Move/Copy sheet dialog: OK button caption is changed according to the command chosen (Move or Copy). tdf#139464 (Laurent Balland)


Impress & Draw

  • Start of document themes in Impress: shape text blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)




Core / General

  • Added support for WebP images import/export tdf#114532 (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • Now it uses libtiff library for TIFF images support (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat)
  • The configuration now remembers whether recent documents were opened read-only or editable, and opening via File ▸ Recent Documents or the Start Center will open them in the same mode as the last time. core commit 404c51f3 (Michael Stahl, allotropia)
  • Added support for EMZ/WMZ files tdf#103954 (Paris Oplopoios)

Lighting of extruded custom shapes

Enhancements for lighting extruded custom shapes to make rendering more compatible with MS Office binary formats and interpret more ODF attributes. tdf#145700 (Regina Henschel)

  • Wrong interpretation of the z-direction of lights is corrected. Especially a center lighting from observer to object works now. The position of specular high lights on rounded surfaces is same as in MS Office now.
  • The item "Metal" is replaced by items "Metal ODF" and "Metal MS compatible" in submenu "Surface" in toolbar "3D-Settings". The latter is not usable in strict ODF file format "ODF 1.3". In preset "Metal ODF" the specular color is Gray as specified in ODF. In preset "Metal MS compatible" the specular color is the shape fill color or the extrusion color respectively, similar to rendering in MS Office.
  • The service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in API is extended with a new attribute MetalType. It has the value MetalODF or MetalMSCompatible. This attribute is used in surface preset "Metal MS compatible".
  • The ODF attribute draw:extrusion-shininess is interpreted now. This attribute is similar to the setting "Specular Intensity" in the "Material" tab of the "3D Effects" dialog of 3D objects. The attribute has no direct UI, but is available as attribute Shininess in service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in the API.
  • The ODF attribute draw:extrusion-diffusion is interpreted now. Only its default value "0%" is not interpretated, because already existing shapes have this attribute not set but expect a value of 100%. For existing shapes you can force to write the attribute to file by toggling extrusion off and back on. The attribute is used in preset surface "Metal MS compatible". The attribute has no direct UI, but is available as attribute Diffusion in service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in the API. A value smaller than 100% reduces the rendered brightness of the object.
  • The ODF attributes draw:extrusion-first-light-harsh and draw:extrusion-second-light-harsh are interpreted now. The lights are rendered soft by distributing parts of the light intensity to four light directions around the original light directions during rendering. The lighting presets in submenu "Lighting" in the toolbar "3D-Settings" set the attribute compatible to MS Office. The attribute has no direct UI, but is available as attribute FirstLightHarsh and SecondLightHarsh in service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in the API.
  • The implementation of ODF attribute draw:extrusion-specularity is adapted to the corresponding shape property in MS Office binary formats. This attribute corresponds to the setting "Specular Color" in the "Material" tab of the "3D Effects" dialog of 3D objects. Only that not abitrary colors but only variants of Gray are used. The attribute has no direct UI, but is available as attribute Specularity in service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in the API. A value of "0%" forces the first light to be not specular, which produces a matte surface in rendering the object. That is used in surface preset "Matte".


  • Improved text layout performance for cases like PDF export, document loading and others, more info in the blog post. (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)

LibreOffice Help


DOCX import/export filters

  • DOCX: import textboxes (with tables, images etc.) in group shapes tdf#66039 (Attila Bakos, NISZ)

Unlock protected change tracking by password verification

Unlock protected change tracking of DOCX documents by mandatory password verification tdf#128744 tdf#106843 (László Németh, NISZ)

  • clicking on Record changes icon of Track Changes toolbar (or Edit ▸ Track Changes ▸ Record) asks for password verification instead of showing only a warning message before unlocking without the password;
  • On Security page of File ▸ Properties... dialog window, Unprotect button accepts the correct password with disabling record changes instead of rejecting the correct password.

PPTX import/export filters

  • PPTX export: fixed export of embedded video files tdf#53970 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • PPTX import: fixed import of linked media files. Linked media files were imported as images in documents created with Impress after PPTX export. tdf#53970 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • PPTX: add "glue points" to some basic shapes (ellipse, triangle, right triangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon). Note: PPTX import doesn't import connectors connected to the glue points – only ODP export keeps them for the planned editing, i.e. moving the connected shapes without losing the connecting lines and arrows. tdf#147459 (Tibor Nagy, NISZ)

RTF filter import/export

PDF export

  • Improved PDF export options in the command-line blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • Field type of Numeric, Currency, Date and Time forms are exported to PDF tdf#105972 (Xisco Fauli, TDF)

HTML export

  • Export encoding (character set) configuration is dropped from Options|Load/Save|HTML Compatibility, HTML is now always exported using UTF-8 encoding tdf#148413 (Mike Kaganski, Collabora)

EMF/WMF import/export

  • Added support for Miter Limit for EMF+ format tdf#142261 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
  • Added support for individual line endings for EMF+ format tdf#143875, tdf#55058 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
  • Fixed holes in lines created with LINETO for EMF/WMF tdf#89331 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
  • Added Z compressed graphic formats support for EMF/WMF (.emz and .wmz file formats) tdf#103954 (Paris Oplopoios)
  • Use variable types according to EMF+ documentation tdf#103859 (Bartosz Kosiorek)

TIFF import

  • TIFF: import filter rewritten to import via libtiff in order to support many more variants (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc. and Julien Nabet)


  • The Navigator can now scroll to the item on selection. Enable this with the expert option NavigateOnSelect at org.openoffice.Office.Writer > Navigator tdf#131063 (Jim Raykowski)
  • Start Center thumbnail rendering improved tdf#134065, tdf#147998, core commit b70d17b0 (Mike Kaganski, Collabora)
  • Search field for the Extension Manager tdf#126672 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)


New languages/locales with locale data

Available as default document language and for locale specific formatting.

  • Pennsylvania Dutch {pdc-US}. tdf#146602 (Peter K. Zacharias, Pennsylvania Dutch Education Corporation; Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • Aranese {oc-ES}. tdf#147053 (Javier Torres Fernández; Eike Rathke, Red Hat)

Improvements to proofing tools and language support


VBA Support

  • Added support for Application.WindowState, commit (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)
  • Added support for Application.GetOpenFilename tdf#118246 (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)
  • Export VBA-Project using detected charset on import tdf#75263 (Andreas Heinisch)

Feature Removal / Deprecation

  • FTP support is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
  • In the SDK, the tools idlc and regmerge (using the legacy type registry format) are deprecated and will be removed in a future version, in favor of unoidl-write (using the incompatible new type registry format internally introduced in LibreOffice 4.1). core commit 40f2aee6

Platform Compatibility


  • LibreOffice 7.4 requires macOS 10.13 or newer to run.
Due to Apple's policy regarding C++ standard library features, the minimum macOS version requirement will be raised in the future like so:
  • release in Feb 2023 → 10.14 Mojave
  • release in Aug 2023 → 10.15 Catalina

API Changes

  • The service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion in API is extended with a new attribute MetalType. It has the value MetalODF or MetalMSCompatible. The attribute is not usable in file format "ODF 1.3". For implementation context see Lighting of extruded custom shapes.
  • The service SpreadsheetViewSettings has a new property FormulaBarHeight allowing to read/set the height of the Calc formula bar. core commit d0cacf09 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)

Jump Lists

Under Windows, it is now possible to customize the Jump Lists via UNO API. Documentation. (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)

Customized Jump List for Writer

Android Viewer