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    hi every one, I am plannig to translate LibreOffice wiki to my Language (Arabic). However, I did not find it with the auto wiki support ( I found it in the accounts preference but not in the wiki languages (as above)). I am not sure what should I do? should I start to make pages as example/ar and keep going or what? I hope I am clear. المسيكين 2010-12-23T06:44:46 (CET)

    I think I found a solution

    المسيكين 2010-12-23T07:25:40 (CET)

    CamelCase wikilinks

    It's evident that some contributors to this wiki have come here from other types of wikis, such as UseModWiki, that use "CamelCase" (medial capitals) to create wikilinks, and continue to do so here. Since this wiki runs on a MediaWiki engine, where links are enclosed by [[nested brackets]], spaces can be included in article titles and the use of camel case is neither necessary nor desirable. This should be mentioned in the guides to article creation and editing, although I'm not sure how to include it in the article's current context of multilingual wiki editing. A number of articles have already been created with medial capitals in titles, and the sooner this practice is stopped and eradicated, the less editing will be needed in the future to clean it up. Wikipedia, which also runs on MediaWiki, dropped the use of medial capitals in 2002, nearly 10 years ago; this practice is seriously out-of-date. — User8192T @ 2011-12-19T20:33:10 (CET)