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    Hallo Regina,
    [1] im Vorwort gleich am Anfang verwendest Du das Wort "Artikel" und weiter unten bei "Erste Erkundungen...." das Wort "Kapitel. Mein Vorschlag: einen einheitlichen Begriff zu wählen "Kapitel".
    [2] Die Darstellung der Thumbnails am rechten Rand "zerreißt" den Text. Mein Vorschlag: Alle LINKs der Thumbnails direkt unter der Überschrift "Erste Erkundungen ...." platzieren. Wenn Du möchtest, kann ich das gerne für Dich erledigen.
    Hrbrgr (talk) 2017-02-17T09:25:58 (UTC)

    New pages with translations

    Please, if you create new pages with the intention to translate, do not use the old OrigLang style, but the new Translate extension style. See here:

    So I would like you to

    1. edit Touch LibreOffice
    2. wrap the content in translate elements as mentioned in the above link
    3. save the page
    4. mark the page for translation
    5. go to Special:PageMigration and enter Touch LibreOffice into the input box
    6. migrate the German translations

    Here is some more info about migrating, but it is really simple: --Beluga (talk) 2019-04-12T07:50:36 (UTC)

    I forgot to mention you can add this to the top of the page: <languages/>
    It will then display the "Other languages" list that you can see in, for example, ReleaseNotes/6.2 --Beluga (talk) 2019-04-12T15:55:25 (UTC)
    I moved the page to the new system. There were some differences between the En vs. De pages, so I was not able to perfectly migrate everything. Please clean up the German version as you see fit. Beluga (talk) 2019-06-07T11:37:23 (UTC)

    Thanks for the work. Hrbrgr (talk) 2019-06-07T11:47:22 (UTC)

    I noticed you edited the English Touch LibreOffice, but you changed the <!--T:xx--> markers manually. Those are changed/added automatically, when the page is marked for translation (every time it is repeated). I reverted your edit. Can you please copy the same content back, but this time leaving the markers alone? Thanks. Beluga (talk) 2019-06-12T13:48:42 (UTC)


    Please revert the last four edits to Faq/Calc/022. The navigation and count of rows/columns is off-topic in a technical FAQ like that one (if you want, create a new FAQ with key combinations - and as an alternative to Shift, using R1C1 syntax would show column numbers instead of names). Thanks!

    Done. Hrbrgr (talk) 2021-07-24T12:00:47 (UTC)