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This page contains the scripts for the LibreOffice 6.4 New Features video, which will be made public on release day.

English Original (en-GB)

  1. More features, more performance, more compatibility - LibreOffice 6.4 is an essential upgrade.
  2. In the Start Center, thumbnails now have icons to show what type of document they are.
  3. A QR Code generator is now available throughout the suite, to create codes that can be read by mobile devices.
  4. The redaction feature, introduced in LibreOffice 6.3, helps you to hide classified or sensitive data in a document. In LibreOffice 6.4, an Automatic Redaction feature lets you hide data based on text or regular expression matches.
  5. Microsoft Office compatibility has been greatly improved, especially for DOCX, PPTX and Excel 2003 XML files.
  6. The help system now provides faster and more precise search results, while many help pages have localized screenshots for a better user experience.
  7. In Writer, the word processor, a Table panel has been added to the Sidebar.
  8. When you're working with comments, you can now mark them as resolved.
  9. In addition, it's now possible to comment on images and charts.
  10. An option has been added to prevent shapes from overlapping each other.
  11. Finally, copying, cutting and pasting of tables has been improved, with a new Paste Special menu option "Paste as Nested Table".
  12. It's now possible to export your spreadsheets to a single PDF page. This is useful to get an overview of all content in a spreadsheet, without it being printed on multiple pages.
  13. Meanwhile, it's easier to work with cells containing hyperlinks, while performance is better for spreadsheets with lots of comments, styles and change-tracking.
  14. In the Shape menu, a new option called Consolidate Text combines multiple selected textboxes into a single one. This is useful if you're importing a PDF, and the text content is split into across many text boxes.
  15. Also, you can now quickly remove hyperlinks from items via the context menu.
  16. In LibreOffice Online, the cloud-based version of the suite, table properties can now be easily changed from the sidebar.
  17. In addition, in Writer you now have full control over the Table of Contents.
  18. Lastly, when working with spreadsheets, the sidebar now provides a wide range of features for selected charts.