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    The video "Insert comments in Calc - LibreOffice" shows how comments are inserted and edited in Calc.

    It links to this page here, which contains further information and details.

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    "Kommentare einfügen in Calc - LibreOffice

    Insert and edit comments

    To work with the comment functions, open Calc and here in the example the working file "Comments_in_Calc.ods".

    Note pin.svg

    A blue arrow leads from a visible comment field to the cell, in which the comment was created.

    In this way, the relationship between cell and comment is always visible.

    Insert a comment in a cell

    Now add a comment to a cell.

    Right-click on the cell that you want to add a comment to.

    In the menu that appears select Insert Comment.

    A yellow field appears, this is the comment field.

    The cursor flashes in the comment field.

    You can now directly write the desired comment.

    E.g. write: "I am currently writing my comment".

    Show existing comments

    The cells with a small red square in the top right (Example: 202005 LOENHB red square.png) already have a comment.

    If you move the mouse pointer to such a cell, the comment of the cell is displayed.

    Display comment permanently

    Comments can also be displayed permanently.

    This is done by right-clicking on such a cell and a context menu opens.

    There you can select Show Comment.

    Then the comment is now displayed permanently.

    Edit a comment

    You can now edit the comment field and the comment.

    Click with the right mouse button in the cell and select Show Comment.

    Then you click with the right mouse button in the cell and select Edit Comment.

    Click in the comment field.

    You can now make the comment field larger or smaller.

    With a double click in the comment field you can edit the text.

    Mark the text and choose the font, e.g. Arial, and font size 16.

    Move comment field

    To be able to move a comment field, it must be displayed permanently.

    You click in the comment field so that it is marked.

    The cursor now has the shape of a four-way arrow. Vierrichtungspfeil.png

    The comment field can be moved with click-hold-drag.

    Hide comment

    If the comment is not to be displayed permanently, you can right-click in the cell and select Hide comment.

    Delete Comment

    Click with the right mouse button in the cell and select Delete Comment.

    Further information

    Work files

    Start file:


    File with additionally inserted comment:


    Documentation / Manuals

    Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

    Documentation / Manuals

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