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This description refers to the module Impress in LibreOffice version 7.0.

The video "My master slide in Impress" shows how to create your own master slide in Impress and links to this page here, which contains further information.

Link to the video

Link to the video (in German [DE]):

Meine Masterfolie in Impress

Why do I need a master slide?

In the master slide you can define everything that should be visible on all slides and be the same on all slides.

This can be a background image, a logo, the date and the page number.

 Note:  If you want to use different background images on each slide, you can insert them directly on the slides.

Open Impress

The ″Select a Template″ dialog appears when starting Impress.

The dialog offers ready layouts for a presentation.

Click on Cancel to get the simple default template.

You can now create your own master slide from the standard template and save it as a template.

In the sidebar at ″Properties|Slide″ the Screen format is set to 16:9 in Landscape mode.

This corresponds to today's templates and the widely used screen standard.

If a different screen format is selected, the existing fields on the slide should be adjusted as required.

Select Layout

In the sidebar you can select from different Layouts.

Leave it at the selected layout ″Standard″ Layout.

Switch on master view

″Master View″ Toolbar

In the ″Sidebar at ″Properties″ there is also the button for the ″Master View″ 202007 LOENHB Impress Sidebar Master View Button.png.

Click on the Master View button.

In the master view you can now adjust the format, such as size, font and font color of all elements, such as headline, text and the fields of the footer, which should be visible on all slides of the template.

Now edit these elements.

Rename master

The first step is to select ″Rename (Master) Slide″ in the Slide ▸ Rename Slide menu.

The ″Rename Slide″ dialog displays ″Default″ as the Master Slide name.

Now you can enter an appropriate name, for example "Master Slide LibreOffice" and click OK.

The renaming is not necessarily required, you can also simply reconfigure the Master Slide "Default".

However, if multiple Master Slides are used, a distinction in the name is important.

Adjust the header style

Place the cursor in the heading or select the text.

The template ″Titel″ is marked in the Sidebar under Presentation Styles Templates.

Right-click on the template and select ″Modify…″.

In the ″Titel″ dialog, click the ″Font″ tab.

Now select the font size 40 at ″Size″.

In the tab ″Font Effects″ select 1C71D0 for the ″Font Colour|Custom Colour″ hexadecimal.

Click twice on OK.

Mark the frame of the heading field and remove the checkmark for ″Keep aspect ratio″ in the sidebar at ″Properties|Position and Size″.

Enter the values:

″Width″ = 22,00 cm and

″Height″ = 2,70 cm.

Logo Square - LibreOffice

Since the headline field has been shortened, you can now place a logo to the right of it.

On the Standard toolbar, click the ″Insert Image″ icon 201907 ENLOHB Impress Insert Image Icon.png.

In the dialog box "Insert Image", select the image "202007_LOENHB_Logo Square - LibreOffice.png".

Click Open.

The logo is placed centered on the slide.

If the logo is marked, change the dimensions in "Position and Size" in the Sidebar ″Properties″.

″Position-X″= 23,90 cm

″Position-Y″ = 0,60 cm

″Width″ = 2,70 cm

″Height″ = 2,70 cm

Customize fields of the footer

Field commands

Edit Style

Right-click on "<date/time>" in the footer and select Edit Style….

In the Font tab, for ″Liberation Serif″, select the ″Liberation Sans″ Font.

In the "Font Effects" tab, select 1C71D0 for the Font Color hexadecimal.

Klick on OK.

This change affects the other Footer fields ″<Footer>″ and ″<Number>″ at the same time.

Finished slide in the master view

Insert additional field commands

You can insert additional field commands in the footer.

Choose Insert ▸ Field Command from the menu.

From the drop down menu select the field command you wish to insert.

Close Master View

Close Master View Button.

Click on the ″Close Master View″ Icon" or on the Sidebar the Close Master View Button.

Enter information for Footer

In the Footer, the ″Date/Time″, ″Footer″ and ″Number″ details are not yet visible.

Therefore, click Insert ▸ Header and Footer… in the menu.

In the opening dialog "Header and Footer" you still have to enter the appropriate information.

Here in the example you enter:

For "Date and Time/Fixed", enter the current date, e.g. the "2020/07/31″.

For footer text, enter, e.g. "Advertising for LibreOffice".

For "Slide number" checkmark the box.

Now click on Apply.

Save master slide as a template

In the menu, click File ▸ Templates ▸ Save as Template….

In the ″Save as Template″ dialog box, select the category "Presentations".

Enter the template name, e.g. "202007_Advertising for LibreOffice".

Click on Save.

Further Informations

Docking slide area

There are the following ways to dock the slide area to the left side:

  1. Grab the slide pane with the mouse at the top window frame, click-hold-drag the slide pane to the left until a gray frame appears, and release the mouse button.
  2. Click in the View ▸ Slide Pane menu to hide the Slide Pane. From the View ▸ Slide Pane menu, click so that the Slide Pane is visible and docked.
  3. Ctrl + double-click an empty space, such as the area below the title bar.
  4. Press Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + F10 while the Slide Pane has the input focus.

Work Files

Website Download LibreOffice

Template: "Advertising for LibreOffice":

202007_Advertising for LibreOffice.otp

Presentation: "My Presentation":

German presentation

(In the presentation, the background images of the slides were removed for the file to be accepted in the wiki system. )


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