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The video shows how to create and edit a "Text Box" in Writer in LibreOffice, and links to this page here for more information and details.

This description refers to the LibreOffice 7.3 version on Windows 10/11.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

Ein Textfeld erstellen und bearbeiten - LO73

Text Box

Text Boxes (in German: Textfelder) belong to the group of drawing objects.

You have the following options for inserting a Text Box in Writer.

  1. Choose Insert ▸ Text Box from the menu.
  2. Click the "Insert Text Box" icon in the "Drawing" toolbar.
  3. In the "Standard" toolbar, click the "Insert Text Box" icon. 73EN Writer Icon InsertTextBox.png

After you select Text Box, the cursor appears as a 202201 DE03 Visierkreuz.png.

 For Text Boxes in Writer, all property settings are to be done as direct formatting.
 If you select the Text Box or the text in it,
 you will see in the sidebar at Styles that the icons of the various styles are grayed out.

Writer Text Box (create)

Click on the "Insert Text Box" icon and drag open a Text Box.

The term "draw up" means after you select the icon, the cursor appears as a sight cross 202201 DE03 Visierkreuz.png.

Select the point in the document where you want to start drawing the Text Box.

Click-hold-drag the cursor to draw the Text Box.

The dragging goes in any direction.

When the Text Box has the size you want, release the mouse button.

You will now see the Text Box with the cursor blinking.

The expanded Text Box expects you to enter text immediately.

Enter your text.

If you deselect the Text Box before you have entered text, the text box disappears again.

Deselect Text Box

You can deselect a Text Box by clicking next to it or pressing the ESC key.

Customize Text Box

You can resize a Text Box afterwards.

You can change font, font size and font color.

You can also customize the background color of the Text Box and the character highlighting.

And you have other options for customizing the Text Box, see below.

Where are the customizations made for a Text Box

Right-click on a Text Box and a context menu appears, where you can select the most common functions.

You have more advanced options in the sidebar at Properties.

The sidebar can be reached via the menu View ▸ Sidebar ( Ctrl + F5 ).

Rotate Text Box

If the object is selected, then in the Sidebar ▸ Properties ▸ Position and Size, you can the Drag & Grab Point on the rotary wheel at "Rotation:" and rotate it.

Or you can enter the desired angle as a value in ° (degrees) or use the up or down arrows to change the value.

Change Text Box Position and Size

To change the Position of the Text Box, right-click on the Text Box and select Position and Size… from the Context menu.

In the "Position and Size" dialog, select the "Position and Size" tab and enter the desired values for Size/Width/Height.

Then click OK.

Resize a Text Box by clicking on the Text Box so that it is marked.

You can see the marking by the frame, which now shows 8 small squares.

When you hover your mouse over one of these squares, the cursor changes shape as a double arrow.

You can click on it and drag the Text Box in the shown directions of the cursor, i.e. bigger or smaller.

Or go to the Sidebar ▸ Position and Size and specify the desired width and height.

Make sure to check the box for "Keep aspect ratio".

Text Box - Line

You can define a Line around the Text Box.

Click in the sidebar, with the Text Box selected, Line|Line/Width/Color and select the desired values.

Text Box - change color for Area (Background)

Select the color of the Area and possibly the transparency.

Select the Background color (Area) of the Text Box in the Sidebar ▸ Properties ▸ Area.

For the Area you can choose:

Text Box - Anchoring

The Text Box can be anchored:

7432EN Writer ContextmenuAnchor.png

See also: Anchoring and effect

Text Box - Wrap

Wrap Text Box

You can set the Wrap for the Text Box.

Text Boxes - Align

You can Align Text Boxes just like any other Objects.

Right-click and choose Align Objects from the Context menu and select one of the Options:

7432EN Writer TextBoxAlign.png

Text Boxes - Arrange

You can arrange Text Boxes just like any other Objects.

Right-click and select Arrang from the Context menu and choose one of the Options:

7432EN Writer TextBoxArrange.png

Text Box - Insert Caption

You can also assign a Caption to Text Boxes.

Right-click and choose Insert Caption… from the Context menu.

In the "Insert Caption" dialog you can make your specifications.

A Frame has then been inserted around the Text Box containing the Caption:

7432EN Writer TextBoxAndCaption.png

Text Box - Round off corners

You can also round the corners of a text box.

Select the text field.

Choose Format ▸ Text Box and Shape ▸ Position and Size… from the menu.

In the "Position and Size" dialog click on the "Slant & Corner Radius" tab.

Enter the desired value for "Radius", e.g. 0.8 cm and click on the OK.

Edit text in Text Box

Text Box with Sidebar and Contextmenu

Text formatting

You cannot format text in the Text Box with styles.

You can only apply Direct formatting to this text.


For Direct formatting it is best to use the sidebar ( Ctrl + F5 ) and select Properties .

When the cursor is in the text of a line, right-click for the Context menu.


There are no Paragraphs that have a Paragraph mark at the end.

However, a single line is considered a Paragraph.

Therefore, single lines that have been terminated with the Enter key can be treated differently as Paragraphs.

Change font and size

For the further descriptions here, we will work uniformly with the sidebar, or refer to it.

In the Sidebar ▸ Properties ▸ Characters there are two fields for selecting the font and font size.

Click on the downward pointing arrow next to each field and select the font and font size.

Change color for text and highlight

Below the fields for font and font size, there are symbols for character color and highlighting.

You can now select these for the text or highlighting.

Further Informations

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The content of this wiki page as a quick guide (In German [DE]):
"Ein Textfeld erstellen und bearbeiten.odt"

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