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LibreOffice Official Website

The LibreOffice Official Website is currently being built. This site is intended to be used as an information collection to enable iterative improvements by the website team.

Official Website Link:

Discussion takes place on: mailing list

Proposals and Issues

The following sections relate to different topics and make it easier to estimate the proposals / issues. In each of the section, you'll find a table that describes ...

  • Short Name: Use a short name, so that the issue (many will be alike) can be identified easily if it gets discussed e.g. on a mailing list.
  • Location: Specify the location of the issue, e.g. a grammatical error on page XYZ, or a missing picture in the lower right of ABC.
  • Proposal / Issue Description: Add a more extensive description of your issue, e.g. why you expect a certain improvement proposal to be beneficial.
  • Discussion: Is meant to be a working space for people adding their thoughts directly, or to summarize an extensive email thread.
  • Result: Provides some checklist style, so that the website team can easily mark items to be new or fixed. Proposed values: New, In Work, Fixed, Rejected

Visual Design

Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
LibreOffice and TDF homepage use the same logo on the top
See screenshots:
Screenshot taken from LibreOffice homepage
Screenshot taken from TDF homepage

The Document Foundation website should use their own logo on the top. The proper logo image can be found on Wikipedia article “The Document Foundation”.--Kitaygrad (talk) 2016-11-28T08:43:03 (UTC)

You are right. Should be discussed with Design team K-j (talk)

Interaction Design

Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
Top page handling Overall site

It seems that the site menu items that "group" (e.g. Features) also serve as links for dedicated pages. UX wise, this is a problem when navigating the pages.


  • Go to http:/
  • Click on "Features" --> category is active, no sub-category is active (strange)
  • Click on "Writer" --> category is active, sub-category is active (okay)
  • Click on "Features" --> although already active, the pagechanges to something different (back to Features, not okay)

Especially when people arrive on any page (e.g. via Web Search), the current behavior unpredictable. For example, people arrive on the page "Downloading instructions" will have to fiddle around to find the real Download page - because the menu just seems to work like other pages (Download is already active, so no additional "hidden" page).

Consequently, clicking on a group like "Features" activates "Features" and activates the first item in the sub-menu.

2011-01-22 Christoph: The missing small arrow towards the page demonstrates the problem for top-item pages well.

Mail Thread In Discussion
Direct links vs. Menu pages Overall site Direct links in menu lead to "jumps" between the pages. This affects the navigation / system concept the user and leads to "jumps" between the menu items. Mail Thread In Discussion

Information Design

Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
Hyperlink Color Overall site The link color is currently green, but it would ease the navigation if they were a blue color. Blue is very common, so that it will speed up decision making - by using of existing visual patterns. LibreOffice blue might be used, similar to the TDF website. New
Pages jumping left/right Overall site This applies to Firefox. When navigating through the menu the pages will jump left/right, because Firefox shows/hides the vertical scroll bar, depending on the height of the page. This leads to a bumpy impression of the whole site.

StefanW 2011-01-22T10:31:50 (CET)

Sizing of download select control This applies to Firefox. Look at the screenshot!
StefanW 2011-01-22T10:47:56 (CET)
Download Page Versions The current download page is too confusing for non-technical users and takes too long to understand even for technical users. Currently there are 2 versions, both called "Final" (confusing) with a *newer dated* 3.3.3 version, and an *older dated* 3.4 version, and those are highlighted in green but aren't actually click-able (misleading, frustrating), and then these versions are repeated farther down the page but in the opposite order (causing additional confusion). The page should be redesigned and simplified to start at the top with the OS and language select boxes first, followed by a big bold link to download the current stable version. A link to download the "early adopters" version should be smaller and farther down the page with a warning note next to the link. All other text should be removed if it isn't necessary (such as the "we try to detect your system..." text) or moved to small text at the bottom of the page to simplify the layout. new
Torrent and Info hyperlinks for Packages I suggest the Packages have torrent and info hyperlinks (particulary the DVD image, Portable Apps, and AppUp Install).  These are such large files, they would best be served by using the aggregate throughput represented by a torrent.  Of course, MirrorBrain will provide torrent information if asked but most do not know how to get it without there being a specific link to the torrent file.  The same applies for info.

--CarolinaCalling 2012-07-06T08:51:45 (CEST)


Editorial Content

Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
Menu Naming (see Issue Description) Same page, but different naming:

Download --> Features and Fixes

Download --> New Features and Fixes

Mailing lists hard to find Listing of all mailing lists is hidden under menu item "Get Help". Someone, who is not seeking for help or support, but looking for means of project communication, won´t find the appropriate mailing lists, like "discuss", "marketing", "documentation", and so on. I´d rather create a top level menu item for "Communication" or "Getting in touch" or something like that. StefanW 2011-01-22T09:37:53 (CET) new
FAQs lost Location 1 Location 2 Compare the two locations. In Location 1 you will find 11 FAQs (on pages 1 and 2). In Location 2 you will find 13 FAQs (in the navigation menu on the left).StefanW 2011-01-22T10:26:07 (CET) new
Wrong categorization of FAQ Only five out of 13 of the FAQs are support questions. The others are questions of general interest about the project and so on. They should not be categorized under "Get Help". StefanW 2011-01-22T10:26:07 (CET) new
FAQ not answered FAQ No. 1 Read the question. Read the answer. It´s not the answer to the question, right? On the contrary, it raises a new question, which nobody seems to able to answer: Which one of the two big installers will contain my specific language? StefanW 2011-01-22T10:26:07 (CET) new
Directly pointing to mailing lists Overall site On several pages there are direct "mailto:"-links (like, that point to the possibility of subscribing to a mailing list, without further information, what a mailing list basically is and without warning not to send private data to the mailing lists. AFIR there is a general agreement, that we don´t do that, due to really bad experiences in the past, with unskilled users, who accidently sent very, very private information, not realizing, that a mailing list is public and that the information cannot be deleted from the public archives. Best solution would be to set up one single webpage, that lists the mailing lists and gives all information needed. From all other places, where we like to point to a mailing list, we should just put a link to this particular webpage. StefanW 2011-01-26T12:07:04 (CET) new
Development of use case content Development/Content/Why The LibreOffice website structure has 'why' pages which are dedicated to exporing the Use Cases of LibreOffice for a given group of end users.  Mailing List Started
Title element on "Get Involved" page should say "Get Involved, not "Developers". The "Get Involved" web page at displays a title of "Developers » LibreOffice" (instead of "Get Involved » LibreOffice") in the browser tab (that is, we're talking about the <title> element here). Aside from not matching the page's URL and topic very well, this also causes confusion with, whose title is, somewhat confusingly, "Development » LibreOffice". Suggest retitling the "Get Involved" page to "Get Involved » LibreOffice", and the "Developers" page to "Developers » LibreOffice", leaving their URLs the same of course. Kfogel (talk) 2013-11-29T23:27:06 (UTC) new
New feature proposals Get Involved The wiki page "Get Involved" does not have a point which describe where to go and what to do if someone wants to quickly submit a new feature proposal or a change request. The steps required for this are also hard to find. Grim new

System Performance and Limitations

Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor broken Silverstripe Core

TinyMCE does not integrate well with Silverstripe - Tables do not insert, Images cannot be edited after being inserted.

The CKEditor was selected in a previous review of all editors as the most functional and stable across browsers

Discussion ongoing

May not be possible in Silverstripe

User Role lists Wheatbix | Michael Wheatland 2011-01-27T07:56:48 (CET) Not defined In order to affect transparency automatic lists must be available which states which users are in a particular role Discussion ongoing


Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
Wiki Menu Internationalization MediaWiki:Sidebar It should be internationalized. I "developed" an internationalization example (with Galician translations) and pasted it here (between pre tags). I think it could do the job until someone with more experience with MediaWiki can do a better job. Gallaecio 2011-02-04T23:37:52 (CET) New


Short Name Location Proposal / Issue Description Discussion Status
LibSans Font Oddities Writer (at least) Oddly, the uppercase J in Liberation Sans has a serif. Also, the only uppercase letter that descends below the line is Q, and it may be better to avoid that anomaly (besides, the Q is odd in other ways). Proposal: Change both for better consistency. Jim-BobHarris 2011-03-15T17:19:23 (CET)
Link to Group 'Users' goes to Dave Johnson My User Profile page on the DocFound Wiki The link on the User's Preferences >> Profile page, under Member of Groups, link with text 'Users' apparently should take the User to some page about the group Users; instead it goes to a page about Dave Johnson with no useful info I can see.  IHTH  Jim-BobHarris 2011-03-15T23:41:35 (CET)
Missing 'File Saved Date' field Writer (at least) In e.g. a Footer, the Date fields offered include Date and Date (fixed) but I see no explanation of their meanings or the difference between them (are they both today's date?), and it would be very nice to have File Last Saved Date. Jim-BobHarris; 2011-03-15T23:58:04 (CET)

Resources and Related Information