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This page focuses on the LibreOffice suite running on Android. If you're a developer, you'll find more in-depth information about this process in: Development/BuildingForAndroid

We're currently developing two products on the Android platform:

Trying it out

LibreOffice support on Android is in BETA, and is a work in progress. We're looking for people who are interested in trying out tools that might still have a few rough edges.

On December 10 of 2019, Collabora announced a new beta for compelete overhaul of the LibreOffice for Android experience. While the user interface is based on the old code, the editor is based on the online LibreOffice editor.[1] Builds are currently available in the Google Play Store and in a third party F-Droid repository.

System Requirements

Running LibreOffice for Android requires[2]

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • 18MB APK download
  • Free space for app installation

System Requirements Testing

Testing with LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9)
App installed 145 MB
USB storage app 0 MB
Data 11 MB
USB storage data 0 MB


Reporting Bugs

As a beta product, we're looking forward to working through bug reports as they come in.

Bug Report: Basics

  • If you find a bug in the Android Viewer, please report it using this link
  • Only one bug per report, please!

Please follow the guidelines described at QA/BugReport to make it easy for us to reproduce your problem and get it to the developers as quickly as possible.

Bug Report: Advanced

Including your version number helps immensely. Trying to copy version #'s from Android, or use a browser in Android is painful, at least on my phone, so if you're using a daily build, here's how to get full version info:

  • Find the build_info file alongside your daily build, e.g.
  • Grab the version/build date/sha1 info from the top of this text file:
tinderbox: buildname: Android-ARM@86-TDF
tinderbox: tree: MASTER
tinderbox: pull time 2021-03-30 09:29:45
tinderbox: git sha1s

Known Issues

Some problems have already been reported to us:


Daily Builds

Daily builds for testing are available in the same directory as daily builds for other platforms:

To use a daily build on Android 5 (instructions may be slightly different for other Android versions):

  1. Navigate to the URL above in the browser on your Android device
  2. Click the link, and download the APK to your Downloads/ directory
  3. Find the download in your Download history, or via a file browser, and click to install
    • You might be prevented from installing an APK downloaded from the Internet. Make sure that you have enabled Settings -> Security -> Device administration -> Unknown sources -> (enabled)
  4. Click through the install screens to install the LibreOffice Viewer
  5. The Viewer will now be available for use

Note: It's possible to install more than one version of the Viewer at the same time. All builds use the same icon image, and have the same name, so the About page will tell you what version (via build SHA-1) you are currently running.


See Documentation/Android


See Android/History