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    Bug Triage Contest


    What is the Bug Triage Contest

    The bug triage contest is a 14 day event open to everyone aimed to encourage triaging (confirming & prioritizing) unconfirmed bugs. In general we encourage any triaging against UNCONFIRMED bugs but we hope to focus on bugs in the following order:

    1. Bugs Reported Against 4.1
    2. Unconfirmed bugs against 4.0 (regression)
    3. Unconfirmed bugs against 4.0 (not regression)
    4. All other unconfirmed bugs.

    Each triaged bug will count as a point for the triager. Prizes will be awarded approximately 1 month after the end of the contest - during which time the QA team will be analyzing the data to ensure that the right people get awarded prizes.

    How to Join

    While we try to avoid adding barriers, in order for us to accurately track the triage contest we have to have a list of individuals involved. To sign up you can do 1 of 2 things:

    1. Add name to table below
    2. Email QA mailing list with subject "Join Triage Contest" - info should include your name and FreeDesktop email address (List of LibreOffice Mailing Lists)
    Full Name Name on FDO if Different Current LibreOffice Status Shirt Status
    Joel Madero Joel Madero QA Volunteer
    Brenda Granados Brenda Granados QA Volunteer
    Joren De Cuyper JorenDC QA Volunteer
    Arnaud Versini Arnaud Versini Developer
    Florian Reisinger Florian Reisinger QA Volunteer
    Robinson Tryon qubit QA Volunteer
    Steve Bell SteveBell QA Volunteer
    Thomas v.d Meulen pje335_NL QA Volunteer
    Cor Nouws cornouws QA Volunteer
    Hannes Michalek Hannes ? User Free Shirt
    Jean-Baptiste Faure Jean-Baptiste Faure QA Volunteer
    Michael Münch michael at m06 org user Free Shirt
    Michael Chen Michael Chen user Free Shirt
    Joan G. Wilhelm user Free Shirt
    Ken Biondi Ken Biondi user Free Shirt
    Thomas Hackert thackert OLH/UI translater, sometimes QA ... ;)
    Joe Lee user Free Shirt
    Jan Koberstein Jan Koberstein user
    Tim Passingham Tim Passingham user
    Ahitagni Mandal Ahitagni Mandal user
    Zoltan Laszlo zrlaszlo at user
    Ralph Aichinger ralph at user
    Example Example User

    Useful Things to Do Before Contest

    None of these are mandatory but they will be useful for you and help speed up the process.

    • Bugzilla - this is where all triaging will happen, the sooner you join, the sooner you can get comfortable with how it works.
    • Get Comfortable with FDO Searches - FreeDesktop is relatively easy to use but it's good to get used to the interface, we recommend clicking on this link and "practicing" with it. Remember we are only going to be looking at LibreOffice UNCONFIRMED bugs. In order to do this make sure to set Product to "LibreOffice" and Status to "UNCONFIRMED".
    • Triage Instructions - Review our wiki on how to triage and prioritize bugs. If you do not do this, there is a chance that your triaging efforts will be wasted.
    • Priotization Flowchart -- review flowchart to get an idea of how to prioritize, can be a useful reference when triaging bugs.
    • IRC QA Channel -- Join the QA channel and get comfortable using IRC. This is where we routinely meet and talk about quality assurance. Moderators will be available often to help new users get involved with contest.

    Bug Triage Contest Details


    The competition will last for 14 days between the dates:

    June 20th, 2013 (0000 UTC) - July 5th, 2013 (2359 UTC)

    This date range has been chosen to coincide with the first release candidate of Version 4.1 which will be available for download: Pre-Release Download Page


    The rules are pretty straight forward, you will be rewarded apoint for every triaged bug that fulfill the below requirements, the top 5 individuals will receive some cool LibreOffice gear :)

    How Points are Counted


    1. A full triage is required in order for a point to be counted, a full triage consists of:
      1. Leaving a helpful comment either:
        1. Requesting More Information -- be as specific as possible or
        2. Acknowleging that bug has been confirmed or
        3. Stating that bug cannot be reproduced &
        4. EVERY COMMENT SHOULD LIST YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM & LIBREOFFICE VERSION: Version info of LibreOffice can be found under Help - About LibreOffice (example for a heading for every comment: "Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04, LibO Version: release" or "OS: Windows 7, LibO Version: rc, Last worked in: rc")
      2. Set Status
        1. NEEDINFO (if more info is needed, make sure to comment!)
        2. NEW (confirmed)
        3. WORKSFORME (be very careful about this one, only set it if you're using same or newer version of LibreOffice plus are using same platform as reporter)
      3. Attempt to prioritize
        1. Do your best to prioritize the bug using the following flowchart: Bug Prioritization Flowchart
      4. Check additional information
        1. Check the additional information on the bug, including architecture, title of bug, etc... alter if needed
    2. Counting the Bug
      2. Again, this is the only way your triage will count as we are using this field to track our contest, if you forget to add it there is no way for us to accurately track the contest
    3. Cheating, etc... If you are caught cheating (not doing your part to triage but still adding relates to bug, purposely and innacurately triaging, etc...) you might be:
      1. Untrusted by the TDF community
      2. Banned from this contest as well as future contests
      3. Suspended from

    Of course we don't think anyone will be in this situation but we wanted to be up front about the consequences.

    Announcing Winners, Tracking Progress

    The judges listed on this page will be responsible for monitoring progress during the contest. We will be keeping a daily record of points and will do our best to make these public either on a blog or through mailing lists (maybe even both). At the end of the contest the judges will carefully look at the records for the top 5 contestants, barring any complications, we should b eable to announce a winner within 14 days.

    You've Won, Now What?

    If you are in the top 5 you will receive an email requesting your mailing address and preferred size for gear :) After this point we will be ordering the gear direct and having it shipped to you.


    Contact Joel Madero directly via email (you can find his email address on FDO) or on QA IRC Channel (#libreoffice-qa on freenode)


    1st Place - 5th Place: LibreOffice t-shirt

    Shirts will be ordered after winners announced to ensure sizes are right. Expect to receive t-shirt 4-8 weeks after end of contest.

    Here's what the shirts look like (sorry, the ray-gun mug doesn't come with):

    Front Back
    Libreoffice-qa-t-shirt front.jpg Libreoffice-qa-t-shirt back.jpg


    Because there is a set standard for how we are counting points, in general judges will only confirm the result of the winners. We will be checking for any "foul play" (ie. cheating), throughout the contest. Judges will also certify the winners. In order to avoid the perception of judges cheating, any judges participating in the contest will be banned from certifying themselves if they end up in the top 5. List of judges can be found below:

    Name Experience Nick
    Joel Madero QA Volunteer, TDF Member jmadero
    Joren De Cuyper QA Volunteer, TDF Member jorendc
    Robinson Tyrone QA & Ask Volunteer colonolqubit


    Below is a list of moderators who will be available on IRC throughout the competition. Any contestant can ping these moderators at any time to ask a question. Moderators not be requested to reproduce a bug that you are working on, instead they should only be asked about policies or in some cases can be asked about priortization if there is a question after bug is confirmed. List of moderators and IRC name is below:

    Nam IRC Nick
    Joel Madero jmadero
    Joren De Cuyper Jorendc

    Useful Links

    LibreOffice 4.1.0 pre-release downloads