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For problems with manuals, user guides, localized Help packages.

Applicable Subcomponents are: Drawing , Formula editor , for problems with the localized Help packages LOCALHELP ,
Presentation , RTL , Spreadsheet , for problems only affecting the Wiki Help pages WIKIHELP ,
Writer ,
[1] for all other problems

If you report a bug in the Help Wiki, please always contribute the URL of the affected Help page and use key word WIKIHELP in the subject line. Please do not use WIKIHELP for issues also affecting Help installed on the PC in the same way, especially if the Help contents does no longer match with modified behavior of LibO.

Other key words for subject line:

  • XX LOCALHELP for localized Help packages, XX for your country code (DE for Germany, ...). Please also use this key word for issues concerning accuracy of the mean of the help contents.
Key word ONLINEHELP should not be used any longer because this term is ambiguous.