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2010-01-23 Sign DesignTeamKickOff.png

Kicking-Off the LibreOffice Design Team


A few weeks ago, we unified both Visual Identity and User Experience topics and now claim "LibreOffice Design Team. Make it just work, and look great, too!". From the organizational point-of-view, we do already have a dedicated mailing and some pages in the wiki, e.g. Design. When looking at the work to be done, some people offered help or already picked individual items ... this is just great, but is shows that we'll soon need more information on what we want to achieve, and how we will probably work together. At the moment, many of the required information is either spread over different mailing lists and wiki pages, hidden in people's heads, or not yet available. Something to change? Of course!

The following steps had been proposed to finally kick-off our LibreOffice Design Team:

Here is the initial mailing thread to ask for opinions concerning this effort.

Step 1: Send Invitation to Interested Parties

We've send some invitations to potentially interested parties, so that nobody is missed.

Step 2: Summarize the Current Status of Work and Collaboration

To provide an overview - to get you on track and the Design Team working together as a real group - we want to shed some light what happened until now.

Step 3: Introduction of the Team Members

  • Design/Team: Lists all deeply interested Design Team members, so that you get to know each other.
  • Blog Posting "Design Team Kick-Off Step 3: We are the Design Team"
2011-02-19 DesignTeam KickOff TeamImageCollection.png

Step 4: Organizing our Work

Step 5: Working on the "urgent needs" of our current project

--> e.g. fulfill the urgent request to feed the development

  • Work Items: Lists the Design Team work items and their current status

More to come ... stay tuned :-)