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  1. A designer and a dev agree to work on a project, or a designer-developer decides to work on it alone.
  2. If there is no "Bugzilla bug report": for it, the developer makes one.
  3. The designer makes a bug report on Redmine for it, linking to the relevant Bugzilla bug page.
  4. The designer and the dev research what they'll be working on. They may add all useful resources to a "Resources" section on the Redmine bug report.
  5. Based on the research, they establish a clear goal and scope for the project, which they publish on the Redmine bug page. If the project is larger, they may establish a roadmap as well.
  6. The designer takes the project up to tentative design level. The designer communicates with the dev behind the project (and the design team coordinators if needed) while working on it.
  7. Once the tentative design is done, the designer creates a new Redmine Design Forum thread asking for feedback to be given on the Bugzilla bug report and lets a decision be made.