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Improve the usability of macro editing in LibreOffice and prepare the UI for more complex features.


call for proposals analyzing proposals design taking shape implementation in progress implemented


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Definition of Terms

  • Macro⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg: is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence should be mapped to an output sequence according to a defined procedure. The mapping process that instantiates a macro into a specific output sequence is known as macro expansion.


  • The thread TBD


  • Michel R: A member of the LibreOffice design team.

Tentative Design

This section is created after we've agreed on a single design based on the submitted proposals and are just ironing out the details. It includes the spec and high-quality mockups.


Proposal by Michel R



  • macros will be done mostly by users with minimal knowledge (not beginners) : the UI don't have to be over-protected.
Simplify menu

remove all 3 levels of menus related to macros ! only 2 items remaining :

  1. « macros... » : directly edit macros of current document
  2. « macro manager... » : open new dialog to manage macros
Macro manager
  • Global idea : merge all existing dialogs to manage all items related to macros (librairies, modules, macros...)
  • The top part behaves like iTunes : selection of a column change the content on the others right colums
  • search macros (filter by name, language, type)
  • operation on macros (record, delete)
  • operation on libraries and modules (add, delete, import, export, protect...)

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