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    This section is a community contributed section. Anyone can contribute to its content. It is intended to provide ways to achieve various tasks that often come up as questions on the user discussion list and are easily done, once you know what to look for. They include examples and screenshots that should make it quicker and easier to understand them as opposed to reading an entire guide on the issue.

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    • Silent Installation on Windows - this explains how to do a silent installation of of OOo, but it also works on LibreOffice. (A silent installation means you don't need to select an installation folder, keeping pressing "Next" to continue, or do anything else you'd normally have to do during installation. This is a kind of automatic installation commonly used when distributing software in a large network and you don't want to disturb the end user.)
    • Silent installation - this has some nifty options like installing language and extensions at deployment.

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    Artigos em português

    Configuração Geral

    Instalar extensões no LibreOffice


    Proteger uma planilha

    Remover o apóstrofo de valores numéricos interpretados como textos

    Trabalhar com estilos


    Criar índices no Writer baseados em diferentes categorias de objetos (figuras, gráficos, quadros,...)

    Criar células com diferentes larguras em tabelas de texto

    Selecionar trechos de texto com o mouse e o teclado

    Mudar o número da primeira página do documento


    Exportando tabelas no formato CSV com acentuação em português