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Below is a list of how-tos, tutorials, and other guides, including links to third party sites. The official user documentation is listed elsewhere. For development-related documents, go to development learning materials

Some third party publications do cost money. If you find a paid link on this page that is not marked as such, please add a simple notice: (PAID).

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Wiki resources are currently mixed in with third party resources. These need to be moved to Documentation/Publications.






Video tutorials

We hope to develop or link to useful video tutorials. Do you know of a good one to list here? When we get enough of them, we'll start a separate wiki page.

  • Great collection of short video tutorials for Writer, Calc, Draw, Base
  • A major collection of video tutorials
  • Create Firefox Personas for LibreOffice 4
  • CMIS - How-To get Content Management Information Systems working in LibreOffice (5-6mins)
  • Edit web pages (hyperlinks)
  • Show or hide page numbers (footer) on first page
  • Show or hide page number (footer) on last page
  • Attach comments to text ranges
  • Gradient background in presentation
  • Create random (word) lists
  • Create your own calendar
  • Make a seating plan
  • Count the number of repeated occurrence in spreadsheet
  • Install and uninstall LibreOffice 4 on Debian Linux
  • Fill in the blanks in LibreOffice 4 - Make a cloze test
  • Conditional formatting in LibreOffice 4
  • LibreOffice 4 video tutorials - description of functions
  • LibreOffice 4 and Xfce on Debian Linux
  • LibreOffice 4 and IBus on Debian Linux - Input Chinese characters
  • Video Tutorials about Free Software includes LibreOffice step-by-step tutorial
  • A collection of many videos to help see how to do things in LibreOffice
  • Editable PDFs. This video (by Simon Phipps) shows how to create a "Hybrid PDF".
  • A spoken guide to getting the Orca screen-reader working. Not for sighted users


  • Thorough course, specific for Base by TheFrugalComputerGuy:
  • LibreOffice Base tutorial on how to create a relational database with forms, so you can add records without code
  • Full course on Base by Sean Johnson

Installation guides

See the installation instructions page on the main website for current instructions for all platforms.

For Linux users, the older but very detailed wiki page is still useful:

For advanced users:

Feature comparisons

LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office

LibreOffice vs. Apple iWork

Technical details

Other links for general users

Languages support:

To speed up LibreOffice try the hints from this Arch link:

User profiles. Renaming the User Profile is a good way to reset to "factory defaults".

For students

For corporate users

For large scale deployments and administration on multiple machines.