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Scheduling Table

Please add your name to the table below and fill-in the days you will be available

B Booth (January 31th - February 1st)
D Open Document Editors DevRoom (January 31th, from 11AM to 07.20PM, Room K.3.201)
CC Certification Committee Meeting (January 31th, from ? AM to ? PM, Room ? )
x At the conference
(blank) Not present
pre-FOSDEM FOSDEM (Jan 31th - Feb 1st ) UX Hackfest
Name Reimbursement Friday Saturday Sunday TBD TBD
Marina Latini yes x D / B x / B See the signup page
Robinson Tryon yes x B? B?
Rob Snelders no x D? B?
Cor Nouws yes x D / B / CC / ? B / ?
Gabriele Ponzo yes x D / B / CC / ? B / ?
Enio Gemmo yes x D / CC x