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How do I reduce the size of a .odb?

Since version 3.6 the software automatically compact bases. For older versions, you will find below explanations and steps to use :

  • The development of a database (creation of tables, formulae, queries, reports...) usually proceeds by successive modification of its objects.
  • Because of its updates, then the data entry, the size of the .odb file increases, paricularly if you are using the default HSQL setup, and it becomes necessary to compact it in order to reduce the various components of the file to their smallest size.

This operation is done via the menu Utilities > SQL and executing one of the two following operations.





  1. Although these two instructions have roughly the same effect of reducing the size, the second (SHUTDOWN COMPACT) will be followed immediately by a disconnection from the database because it effects a disconnection from the data source.
  2. Compaction is particularly necessary for those databases using the integral HSQL engine because the computer needs to keep the entire database in memory.
  3. This latter point makes it particularly useful to make regular backups of the database.