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    How to enter a percentage value into a cell


    When I type a value like 19,6% into a cell , a space is automatically inserted just before the % character. When I validate, the text aligns to the left, indicating that the content of the cell is considered as text and not a numeric value. The cell is therefore not usable for calculations.


    The option, selected from the menu Tools ▸ AutoCorrect Options ▸ Localized Options, entitled Add non-breaking space before specific punctuation marks in French text, allows you to insert a non-breaking space in front of double punctuation marks such as (:;?!%), as required by French typographical rules. règles typographiques française.


    Some possible ways of working around this are:

    • preformat the cell with the format percentage ; the symbol % will be automatically inserted without a space after entry
      • either by applying a style
      • or by using the format menu (or the context menu)
      • or directly with the key combination Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + 5
      • or simply by clicking on the Format tool in the Formatting toolbar
    copie d'écran barre d'outils formatage
    Preformating with the button or the keyboard
    • deactivate the function. The consequence is that this functionality will be deactivated in all modules (Writer, Impress...)
    • delete the space inserted automatically :
      • either a posteriori by editing the content of the cell
      • or immediately after entering the character % using Ctrl + Z
    • force the recognition of a numeric value
      • begin cell content with an = sign
      • begin cell content with a + sign (it doesn't matter if the value is negative)
    • modify the language to one for which this option is not active. For example in Canadian French, the non-breaking space is only inserted before the : character.
      • In the Styles sidebar deck, right-click on Default cell style ▸ Modify
      • Font tab
      • modify the language (money values will not be affected as they are defined by Tools ▸ Options ▸ Language settings ▸ Languages, Default currency)