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    Для чего используется Java в LibreOffice?

    LibreOffice написан на языках программирования C и C + +, но некоторые модули написаны на иных языках, в том числе и на Java (в основном это встроенная база данных, и некоторые мастера).

    Specifically, currently (as of version 6.3) at least these components/functionality require Java:

    • HSQLDB (optionally used for embedded database in Base; default is Firebird that doesn't depend on Java)
    • JDBC
    • Some wizards (particularly, Table/Query/Form/Report Wizards in Base)
    • Report Builder (used to generate actual reports from report templates in Base)
    • Non-Linear solvers built-in extension (DEPS and SCO) in Calc (there is an experimental Swarm solver that doesn't depend on Java)
    • MediaWiki extension (Wiki Publisher)
    • Support for scripts and extensions written in Java/Beans

    Support for scripts and extensions written in JavaScript (since it is implemented using an ancient version (1.5R5 from 2004) of Mozilla Rhino)

    See also: Development/Java