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How do I insert the current date in the footer of my document?

Follow these steps :

  • insert a footer (if you have not already done so) by selecting Insert ▸ Footer ▸ Standard (or the name of the Page style in use)
  • with the cursor positioned in the footer, optionally insert either one or two tabs to move from the left to the middle or the right of the footer.;
  • select the Insert ▸ Fields ▸ Date menu;

By default the date is fixed to that of the day you insert the field. To get the date updated or change its format:

  • double click the date field;
  • choose whether to keep a fixed date (Date (fixed)), or to have it updated when fields are updated (Date);
  • choose the format of the date, and its offset in days (positive or negative);
  • validate with OK.

More specific dates are available:

  • select the Insert ▸ Fields ▸ Others menu (Ctrl+F2)
  • select Info Document tab.
  • To retrieve:
    • the date the document was created, select Created*
    • the date the document was last modified, select Modified*
    • the date the document was last printed, select Last Print*
  • in the Select list, select Date
  • in the Format list, select the format you want to use;
  • to get the field value fixed, check Fixed content, otherwise the field could be modified during an update;
  • click Insert
  • click Close.

Note : if instead of the date, the name of the field is displayed, unckeck the View ▸ Field names menu (Ctrl+F9).

Note : to know how the fields are updated, see the Help Fields ; Automatic update. You can also force the update through the Tools ▸ Update ▸ Fields menu (F9).

* If the information does not exist (if the file has not yet been saved or has not yet been printed) the field stays empty and nothing is visible.