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How to compare two versions of a document

LibreOffice has a tool that allows you to follow changes. Even if a collaborator has not utilised this tool, it is still possible to compare the two versions (the modified copy and the original) in a simple way . Such a comparison allows you to:

  • combine the two documents into a single file;
  • identify the changes; and
  • accept or refuse each difference.

To do this:

  1. open the copy of your document;
  2. go to Edit ▸ Track Changes ▸ Compare document; and
  3. choose the 'original of the document and click on the Open button.

LibreOffice combines the two documents (if you have reversed the order of opening the documents, the sequence of commands must also be reversed):

  • text that is common is displayed normally;
  • text that is in the copy of your document, but not in the original, is identified as insertions; and
  • text missing in the copy of your document compared with the original is identified as deletions.

You can then:

  • accept the insertions and deletions, in which case the text adopted is that of the copy; and
  • refuse the insertions and deletions, in which case the text corresponds to the original form.

This revision function is available for both text documents and spreadsheets.