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    Documentation for macro writers and users

    Andrew's Macros

    A chronicle of information on the basic macro language with example scripts by Andrew Pitonyak.

    LibreOffice Basic Guides

    LibreOffice API

    LibreOffice scripts make use of the LibreOffice API , documentation is available at:

    Python as a macro language

    It is possible to use python as a macro language, more details can be found at this page here:

    LibreOffice Python Guides

    Tools - Collections

    Tomaž's Development Tools

    • Since LibreOffice 7.2, an object inspector tool is included, found under Tools -> Development Tools (see release notes).
    • The tool is similar to the X-Ray and MRI extensions mentioned below.
    • Read more in Tomaž's blog posts: part1 part2 part3


    • X-Ray Basic macro is displaying API objects and is exploring their content. It also displays most Basic datatypes. Its integration of API documentation for services, interfaces, properties and methods is limited to OpenOffice.
    • Alternative Python script organizer (apso) helps managing Python modules as LibreOffice or OpenOffice libraries.
    • MRI It is not always clear at design time which services a UNO object actually supports. MRI (My Reflection and Introspection) displays the properties, methods, services, interfaces which are provided by an object variable (latest release).

    Lanedo Labs (archived)

    Code Snippets

    A set of code snippets in Basic covering many parts of LibreOffice:

    The OpenOffice CodeSnippet website had a collection of macros in various scripting languages: