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Welcome to the US Marketing Projects Page

This page will serve as a central links directory of the US Marketing Team and the CA (Canadian) Marketing Team projects.

In addition to the region-specific projects listed here, be sure to review and join in the global promotional projects as well.

Joint US-CA Marketing Projects

General Focused Marketing on a National level

  • Enterprise advocacy (published cost/benefit analyses)
  • Government advocacy (lobbying (adoption of open standards, etc.)
  • Minority languages
  • UI in language of the group (Help preserve cultural values of endangered minorities -- First Nations)
  • Legal
  • Health Care
  • Theatre / Entertainment

User Support

Make sure that there are link to the following on the LibO site for US/CA (cross border OK)

  • Paid Level 1 support: This support level is suitable for individuals, SOHO, and organizations that want per incident support
  • Paid Level 2 support: This support level is most suitable for small and medium business;
  • Paid Level 3 support: This support level is most suitable for medium to large businesses.
  • Paid Level 4 support: This support is most suitable for large businesses. This level of support provides customization of the program, to the specific business requirements.
  • Paid Migration support:  This support is for individuals or organizations that are migrating to LibreOffice from either no software, or any other software.

Video Productions

US Marketing Project Ideas:

PR (Media Relations)

Ongoing PR ("press relations" or "media relations") by sending releases to a list of press contacts for publication, when important events occur in the LibO world. Need to develop a contact list and then actively share each newsworthy event with the list to encourage its publication.

Style after Italo Vignoli's work in Italy, which has been highly effective.

(Italo writes, "The first problem to overcome is the fact that the product is totally unknown. OOo in Italy was trailing until 2004, when we started to promote the product with an aggressive PR campaign. In five years we have gone from nowhere to 8 million downloads per year (larger than the number of new PCs sold in the market, so it's clear than OOo is gaining market share, and even MS had to acknowledge it). Today, the number of Google searches about OOo is bigger than the number of searches about MS Office. OOo market share in Italy is well over 20%, and in industrial areas the software is installed in over 50% of companies.")

LibreOffice in Academia

  • Strategy
  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Vocational Schools

LibreOffice in Education (JK-High School)

Education Focused Marketing


Bring a LibO presence to all relevant events.

  • LibreOffice Global Events Calendar
  • Tech Events (to attract project contributors)
  • Education, Non-Profit, Government Events (to attract new LibO users, promoters, and others)

Traditional Media

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Television
    • Non-Profit Stations
    • University Stations
    • Online
  • Radio
    • Non-Profit Stations
    • University Stations
    • Online

Direct Advertising

  • US Subway/Transit Ads
  • US Freebee Google Ads (for nonprofits)
  • US Craig's List campaign (they did something for Firefox?)

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Micro-blogging: Twitter, LibreOffice group on
  • YouTube, (using free licenses and free formats, so videos can further be shared and watched)
  • LinkedIn
  • Custom Campaigns (Styled after Firefox's promotions including online video contests)

Video Productions

Enterprise Advocacy

  • Create and publish cost/benefit analysis whitepapers
  • Create and publish case studies

Government Advocacy

  • Lobby for the adoption of open standards, and low-cost open source software.
  • Develop online campaign tools for volunteers to contact their elected representatives to promote ODF and LibO and other open source. Address city, county, state and federal government agencies.

Street Teams

  • An expanded form of the Campus Representatives, focused on the wider world beyond academia.


  • Address the specific need of key vertical markets and develop advertising and promotion campaigns for each:
    • Education
    • Legal
    • Health Care
    • Theater and Entertainment Industry

US Army




CA Marketing Projects

LibreOffice in Academia

LibreOffice in Education (JK-High School) 

LibreOffice in opensource enterprise

  • FOSSLC (FOSSLC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to education, community, and business development involving open source technologies.)
  • OSGeo
  • FSOSS (Seneca College Free Software and Open Source Symposium)


Traditional Media

Direct Advertising

  • Canadian Subway/Transit Ads
  • Canadian Freebee Google Ads (for nonprofits) 
  • Canadian Craig's List campaign (they did something for Firefox?) 

Social Media

  • Canadian Facebook (fra/eng/target other languages?)
  • Canadian YouTube (fra/eng/target other languages?)
  • Canadian LinkedIn (fra/eng/target other languages?)
  • Micro-blogging: Twitter; libre, FACIL and uqc groups on []

Video Productions

CA Army


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