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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    BSA is retired

    This page describes the Localization of the Bug Submission Assistant (BSA).


    As of April 2013 the BSA is still English-only, although we're currently working on our first localization of the BSA in conjunction with Sophie and the French QA team.

    Over time, we hope to add more localized BSAs, allowing a larger number of non-English-speaking users to submit bugs to be filed against LibreOffice.

    Technical details

    For the technical details required for localization of the BSA, please see QA/BSA/Implementation#Internationalization.

    How will a localized BSA operate?

    In simple terms, a localized BSA leverages an active Native-Language list to translate incoming bugs into English and add them to Bugzilla. Before submitted to the database, the bug will be verified, reproduced and filled if needed or checked for duplicates.

    Going into a bit more detail, a localized BSA installation will

    • Send all submitted bugs to a specific NLP mailing list
    • The users on the mailing list will first verify and reproduce the bug.
      • the submitter is kept in copy of all the exchanges
      • if this is a user mistake, he will be explained how to achieve his task
    • In case of a real bug, if a duplicate exists, it will be commented if needed, if it doesn't exist, it will be filled in English with the different tests and remarks from the group who have tested it.

    Note: The bug will not be translated back into the original language. The user is in copy of the bug number and is always able to ask on the local specific list for details of its resolution.

    Who is in charge of a localized BSA?

    Someone from the NLP or the NLP mailing list should be in charge of some big-picture pieces of the localized BSA, including

    • Making sure that the BSA stays running on the webserver
    • Making sure that bugs are getting translated/submitted to FDO promptly
    • Making sure that de-duplication is being handled appropriately
    • Liaising with the QA/Team to coordinate any updates or improvements to the BSA software.
    • Informing the QA Team if he needs to step-down from his role, or if he believes that operation of the localized BSA needs to be suspended for one or more reasons (e.g. drastic drop in community involvement).

    Localized BSAs

    The following table lists Active and Planned BSAs. Please consult with the QA/Team before updating information in this table so that we're all kept abreast of the changes. Thanks!

    Status Native Language + Link Translation mechanism Primary Contact QA Team Notes
    Active English (EN) N/A Rob Snelders (BSA dev) QA/Team (not translated)
    In Testing French (FR) Sophie Gautier, Jean-Baptiste Faure French QA Team (wiki page?)
    Translation merged, start testing German (DE) Dennis Roczek, discuss@ml ?
    Proposed Portuguese (PT? PT-BR?) One of these lists? ? Is there a Portuguese/Brazil QA Team? Proposed as a good 2nd test because we have such a large PT-BR presence in LO
    There is only one bug report page.

    How to translate BSA

    • "Copy and paste" the folder /en on the repository with your language code.
      • Translate the files in the folder
    • Check the file makefile in the root directory and copy an existing language project and paste it on the end of the file.
      • Modify the language codes
      • Don't forget to add your language at the following lines at the very top of the makefile
        • build: build-en build-fr build-de
        • clean: clean-en clean-fr clean-de