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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    BSA is retired

    This page should be used to collect ideas and information concerning the Bug Submmission Assistant.

    Next Things To Be Done

    Draft, to be completed by project members.

    Most important on top

    1. Input selector for Operating System -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-14T14:10:33 (CEST)
    2. Someone has to define a Wiki Help text document for Subcomponents (separate document, structure similar to Components part of BugReport Details) and for other, more Assistant related Help (What Version should be selected, how and what Attach, ... also separate document, structure similar to Components part of BugReport Details). Templates (as used for Components) can be created later. As long as these Documents are without useful contents, Subcomponent explications should simply contain a (headings) list with known subcomponents, someone can fill that later. Other Help only contains a texts list with Help Numbers (Help001 ... Help999, invisible in Assistant) and Help texts (Help001 ... Help999, visible at it's place in the Assistant. Someone can fill that later. Until we have no real contents, the Help number texts will be shown. Loic defines the details to be mentioned. A general "Read more" function might be use, but should work better than the one from Components.-- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-14T14:10:33 (CEST)
    3. Decision how Subcomponent Help will be made available. --Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-14T14:18:23 (CEST)
    4. Idea draft for Search links "behind" the Subcomponent names
      If we want to leave the additional Search links "behind" the Subcomponent names in the Component descriptions (what has some advantages, query can be modified to users needs) that has to be explained by a help text. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-14T14:23:08 (CEST)
    5. Eliminating malfunctions as listed under ToDo-- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-14T14:10:33 (CEST)
    6. License hint for attachments
    7. Fixing more serious Bugy
    8. Making public via Help menu item via Feedback Page
    9. Confirmation "I checked related Bugs for DUPs"
    10. Translations
    11. Attachment does not need extra submit, should be integrated
    12. .
    13. .


    Help Texts

    Draft! This miight finally go into a multilingual Wiki Page that might ease translation?

    Before all:

    Please file a separate bug report for every issue!


    If you are not sure what component your problem is about, choose the Libreoffice component. A bug triager will assign the proper component.

    • Read more:

    More information you find at "BugTriage"


    Please use the Version picker to select the earliest LibreOffice version where the problem has been observed, especially for regressions it is important to have an indication with what version the problem appeared.

    • Read more:

    If your LibO version is not available in Versions picker, please add information in Summary line like ''[dev300m103]'' together with unspecified from Version Picker! You might find versions what do not yet exist, information concerning the latest version you can find here.
    For Missing 3.4.2 RC2 Please use [LibO 3.4.2 RC2] in Subject line
    For reports concerning LibreOffice Portable please proceed in the same way. For the current version LibreOffice Portable 3.3.0 please start Summary Line with " [Portable 3.3.0]" together with unspecified from Version Picker!


    Please give a brief, precise description of you problem.

    • Read More:

    Do not use weak descriptions like "looks wrong" or " "UI broken" ", but exact ones like "vertically squeezed" or "Menu 'File -> Save as' not available (greyed out) ". Do not repeat "Libreoffice", Version or Component (Component will be added by the assistant in front of your text line). Your description should have 5 ... 15 words. Avoid short forms like "doesn't" or "isn't" to ease queries for strings in the Summary.

    Long description

    Describe your problem detailed. In Steps to reproduce the problem please mention that every little detail might be important. Describe with simple words how to reproduce your problem in a step by step instruction; numbered items will ease to reference to your observations for other users. Be very exact, do not write: "Open document" but "In new empty LibO Spreadsheet document, use menu 'File -> Open (LibO dialog) - file type "Text documents" -> select attached sample document -> double click'. Provide an exact description of your problem Not "Formatting not correct" but like: "I expect xxx because of yyy, but I see zzz

    Add a very exact description of your LibreOffice and your Operating System:

    LibreOffice 3.4.3 German UI 32 bit build" Local Help Packages installed DE, EN-US (you find some of this information in menu 'Help -> About'
    German WINDOWS 7 64bit Home Premium


    You can attach sample documents, test kits, screenshots with maximum size 3MB. If you documents are not for public use, tell in the Bug Description that you can contribute a document for a developer by e-mail.

    • Read more

    If you want to attach more than one screenshot you should collect them all in 1 document (copy / paste to a DRAW document) and attach as a PDF. Please add a short comment to each screenshot to tell what you want to demonstrate with it. If you want to attach more than 1 document (a complete test kit, for example) you should create a .zip file containing all documents and attach that .zip. If your attachment is too big to be attached in Bugzilla (bigger than 1 MB) you can use the experimental upload page.

    Note: if you create screenshots, it helps the developers if you switch the user interface to English first. You can do so in Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages.
    End Help Texts

    Cross browser tests

    This needs to be done on a regular basis.

    • 6 october 2011
      • login on the 9 most popular browsers
      • submit on the 9 most popular browsers. note that ie8 shows the component comment below the component icons block. However, live testing shows it properly aligned to the right.
      • complete on the 9 most popular browsers
      • submit on 54 browsers


    • We need a checkbox "Want to report a request for new Feature or Enhancement?" (Severity-Selector to "Enhancement") -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-13T12:58:39 (CEST)

    Everything else

    • Figure out a way to translate
    • Help texts for all Components listed on BugReport Details will have to be adapted by creation for short text template and elaborated help text due to Help for CHART (please add Template link for dones): Libreoffice, Linguistic component, Localization, Presentation, Spreadsheet, UI, WRITER
      • If you find problems with the templates in Wiki or Assistant, please add hints how to avoied here!
    • Define steps and sort order for items of Assistant, the user has to pass some pages, on each he has to click check boxes or radio buttons until all information has been gathered and a check Concerning DUPs has been done. Details have to be added
    • Help User to find the correct Version and appropriate Subcomponent
    • Page with forward is active. Forward currently should be to here, may be after 3 seconds and with a link to the current draft (may be you want to test ...)
      • Thx, where can I find / what is the URL of the forward? -- Rainer Bielefeld 2011-09-13T14:21:00 (CEST)

    Web design

    The Bug Submission Assistant is a form that a libreoffice user can fill when (s)he finds a bug. It is intended to be simple and user friendly. It needs a nice look so that the user is encouraged to contribute by spending a few minutes of her/his time to fill the form and submit a useful bug report. In the following screenshots, the behavior of the Bug Submission Assistant is explained. The layout of the elements (for instance the fact that the current step is being shown to the left) can be changed and are only placed there to demonstrate its functionalities. A live example is available, without the surrounding menus. It will be included within using an iframe. The general idea is that the user is presented with a form which is progressively revealed to her/him so that it looks like a guide or a wizard instead of a large intimidating form with many fields.

    A high-level workflow description is available and requires refinement: File:2011-09-17 BugReportAssistent HighLevelWorkflowDescriptions.odg

    A derived workflow and interaction design mockup:


    Branding / Visual Resources

    main page


    main page in hover state


    login page


    login page in hover state


    screenshot page


    screenshot page in hover state


    Ideas, definitions

    Report Text

    Detailed LibO Version Information

    Milestone 0.3
    Draft, Pulldowns not shown correctly

    Create LibO + OS-Version String similar to the one in tdf#40821. Proposal: when User does his LibO version selection, an Input help (see mockup) appears, helps to collect data. For Milestone 0.2 We might contribute a sample for copy / paste and ask user to contribute a String similar to shown example)

    Detailed Operating System Information

    Milestone 0.3

    Create LibO + OS-Version String similar to the one in tdf#40821. Proposal: when User does his OS selection, helps to collect data

    Bugzilla Login

    When the reporter reaches Bugzilla via assistant Bugzilla should recognize that the user already is logged in (if he is).

    Bugzilla 4 Compatibility

    We can't know when might update to Bugzilla 4. The design of the assistant should allow an easy update. Here you see how it looks Apache OOo Bugzilla (but the current Product - Component concept will probably remain)


    Defaults Bugzilla selections should be due to results of this link, Everything else should be added within the Assistant. For Milestone 0.2 Bug report text will be added in Bugzilla(?).

    Short Help Texts

    Similar to Bugzilla in the assistant short help texts should be available. That should be short texts (2-4 lines) like we have in Bugzilla, with a link to a more elaborated explication in the Wiki. It would be comfortable and flexible if the Assistant directly could use Wiki texts. Texts should be used from a Cache (a problem with the wiki should not interfere bug reporting, Updated from Wiki every few hours and may be if needed (for tests of modified tests it would be useful to be able to force the update).


    The current Bugzilla version does not support a category Subcomponent. So a pseudo - Subcomponent will be defined by a key word in the Subject line.

    • The Subcomponent selector should be context related to selected Component, only applicable Subcomponents should be listed.

    Version Picker

    The picker should show Versions in "natural sort order": Beta1 ... Beta5, RC1 ... RC5, Release. Exclusion: Daily and Master Build should always be the last ones in the picker. Exclude LibO versions older than 1 year (or similar) from selection, that will keep assistant more well arranged.


    1. LibO version sniffer
    2. OS sniffer
    3. Sniffer for available LibO versions on bugzilla adding them to Assistant.
    4. Common Help text base for Wiki, Bugzilla, Assistant
    5. Search for DUPs in OOo Bugzilla (might be interesting until end of 2012)
    6. Key word index
    7. Localized versions (something for milestone 0.4 or later): The frontend is available in several / all languages, reporter can do the report in his language, a language related translator will be set to CC automatically. To make this possible without too many script modifications for each new language, a version of the assistant for "not English reports" with reduced reporter influence to settings (after language selection) should be available (details of will have to be discussed). It's planned (and in parts already done) to have Bug report details (Subcomponents) available in various languages in the Wiki. If we also use several Assistant UI (Help) texts from the Wiki, additional languages can be added and maintained without big expense.

    Additional information

    for Work items:

    1. Menu Item has to be integrated into LibO UI

    Define steps and sort order for items of Assistant

    1. Greeting with max 4 lines introduction and a link for a complete Frontend manual (may be someone will want to know how many steps will be required and whether he will have to prepare something). Example here
    2. Select Component Example for a help text here
    3. Add Subcomponent available subcomponents should be extracted from Component Help text
    4. Ask for LibO version
    5. Ask for Libo Localization
    6. Ask for Operating Sytem, hint that additional info concerning Distribution, OS version, ... has to be integrated into Bug report text
    7. Add Additional Information
      1. Crash?
      2. Document related?
      3. .
    8. Start Query for DUP search (link similar to clicking a Subcomponent on BugReport Details
    9. Activate "Submit" button

    Additional ideas for assistant functions you find on and other postings from that thread. They should be integrated here and on Bug Submission Assistant