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This page is about the Bugzilla Component Extensions.


We store information about this Component in wiki pages and embed that information in Bugzilla to help users file bugs. For more information, see the Help or Extended Help:

This page should tell you how to file a Bug Report against an Extension.

Bugzilla? Nope!

The LibreOffice project doesn't support external extensions directly, so we don't file bugs against extensions in our Bugzilla.

The best way to address an Extension bug is to contact the author of that extension for help.

Contacting an Extension author

It can sometimes be difficult to find contact information for the author of an extension. Good places to find contact information include

  • Inside the extension file
  • In the extension's Changelog
  • Google search

Inside the extension file

For example, here's the page for the NumberText extension:

If I download the oxt and unzip it (you may have to change the file extension to ".zip" to get your unzipping software to recognize it), you'll find a file README. In that file:

 License: LGPL/BSD dual-license, 2009-2012 (C) László Németh (nemeth at numbertext dot org)
 Numbertext language data (Soros programs):
 LGPL/BSD dual-license, 2009-2012 (C) László Németh et al. (see AUTHORS)
 Serbian modules:
 CC/LGPL/BSD tri-license, 2009 (C) Goran Rakić (grakic at devbase dot net)

There we go!

In the extension's Changelog

Using NumberText as an example again, if we go to the extension page, we can find a link near the bottom "More about this release":

This page includes a Changelog with information like this:

 Change log
 2012-12-16: László Németh (nemeth numbertext org):

And there we go again!

Google Search

Searching google for 'NumberText' gives me this as the first hit:

That page includes a helpful link to file a bug:

Neat! Even better than finding an email address! :-)

Have Questions?

If you're still confused, please contact us via the QA/Mailing List or the QA/IRC channel. It's possible that in some rare cases extensions may have no public author information available at all; in those cases we're glad to help you get in touch with the extensions author(s).

Extension bugs filed in Bugzilla?

Please talk to a member of the QA Team. In some cases, we do want to address the bug in Bugzilla. In many cases, the extension is not covered by our development process and so the extension author will need to address the bug directly. In those cases, we'll want to leave a short comment on the bug and resolve it. For example:

 This extensions is not currently covered by our development process,
 so the Extension Author should be contacted for support.