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ux-advise is to be used input is needed from the UX team (user interface team). This component is meant to be used internally by either QA staff or Developers and not by users. The component, in general, should be used for bugs/enhancements marked as NEW (confirmed) but that we recognize that ultimately UX has the final say. The UX team can then comment on the bug to confirm that we will/should fix or implement the change requested, or they can mark the bug as WONTFIX if they feel like the change is unnecessary. UX is a process which takes into consideration the end user and business needs at the same time giving an opportunity for getting optimal results.Ux design emphasizes on opting for User centric design which would be develop for making the project user friendly.

After the UX team looks at the bug and/or enhancement they should leave a comment with their findings/opinion and then should mark the bug against the correct component.

Bugs marked against this component automatically get emailed to the UX mailing list.

Applicable Subcomponents are: Read more on UX at Currently none, suggestions welcome, email them to the UX mailing list

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