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This page is about the REOPENED state of the Status Field in Bugzilla.

When is the status set to REOPENED?

This status is used very infrequently on LibreOffice bug reports.


In Bugzilla, REOPENED has the technical meaning that a bug is:

  1. Assigned
  2. The assigned developer said they fixed it
  3. Someone has reproduced the problem on a version which, according to the developer, the problem should not appear.

Every REOPENED report that does not fit this description needs to have the Status field updated.

But I 'reopen' bug reports all the time!

Very true -- the term 'reopened' is sometimes used casually used to describe the process of taking a RESOLVED/CLOSED bug and turning it back into an open bug, which could be

  • etc...

As a result, we need to be very careful when we use the term 'reopen' or 'reopened' in bug reports, in the mailing lists, or in IRC, so as not to confuse our users.

What about changing the name?

That could be a good idea :-) Perhaps something like FIXATTEMPTED would more clearly describe the intention of the status.

When we migrate to our own Bugzilla instance, we may consider removing/renaming this status.