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This page is about the Status (aka Bug Status or bug_status) field in Bugzilla, for which the possible values are defined on the Bugzilla documentation page.


Every LibreOffice bug in Bugzilla has one of the following statuses:

How to select the correct bug status

Unfortunately, the explanations in Bugzilla are not for the existing bug Status items.


UNCONFIRMED is for bugs that have not been reproduced by other users or on a different PC.

How to use NEW

NEW is for bugs that can be reproduced and still need a fix. Minimum conditions are:

  • The bug still exists for a current LibO version. NEW may not be used for LibreOffice 3.3.0 Bugs reproduced on 3.3.1 or similar
  • It's a real bug. Do not use this Status if you only do not understand the observed behavior
  • No duplicate can be found (bug has not been reported yet).
  • Clear and meaningful summary
  • Clear problem description
  • Steps to reproduce the problem—if not clear from summary and/or description
  • Attachments—in many cases attachments are needed to reproduce the problem; if attachment(s) are not provided, this can hinder proper fixes

If you can't reproduce a problem, even though you tested with a system configuration identical to the reporter's, and you suspect that Status NEW is incorrect (for example because there might be no real bug, but some user error), leave a comment on the report.

How to use Status or Keyword NEEDINFO

Status NEEDINFO should be used if information in the report is not sufficient to start the bug fixing process. When you change Status to NEEDINFO please list info provider and missing information in your comment.

Please, do NOT assign the bug to the info provider. This field is reserved for developer working in the bug.

Reopening bugs

  • If you do not have much experience in Bugzilla, write in a comment that the bug still exists. Someone from QA or a developer will take care.
  • If the bug is on Status FIXED, please check very carefully whether you really observe that the old bug reappeared (that happens really seldom) or whether you only observe very similar symptoms as mentioned in the FIXED bug. For your tests please exactly reproduce the step by step instruction of the original report with the new LibO Version. If you are not a very experienced user or if there is any little doubt, please submit a new bug report and mention your suspect in the report (citing old FIXED Bug number).
  • If the old bug is on Status WORKSFORME feel free to reopen after you checked carefully that you really observe the reported bug and whether your LibreOffice Version can contain the FIX therefore check the Whiteboard target information!).
  • In any case please contribute a detailed step by step instruction how to reproduce your result that the problem has reappeared.

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