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IRC sessions for QA are organized in order to take care of the issues filled on BugZilla. It could be training sessions, or sessions for closing bugs, etc. We aim to organize them regularly, however it depends of how many people are participation, thus it depends on you :-)

Necessary Preparations

If you want to participate, you should do following preparations:

As soon as possible

  • Create a Bugzilla Account
  • Check your IRC access, general information concerning this technology you can get here:
  • Subscribe Mailing list
  • Think about Bugs from Bugzilla that are interesting for you, but still not confirmed by a second user.
  • Read the page about Bug Report to get some hints
  • Write down everything you want to ask via IRC during the session
  • ...

If you see insurmountable obstacle please ask for help on Mailing List

Short before beginning

  • Login to your IRC account
  • Login Bugzilla account
  • Check Mailing list
  • ...

You should know

On IRC a direct link to a Bugzilla bug you want to refer will be created if you use following syntax:

  • Original Bugzilla headline: Bug 38915 - Multiple soffice.bin soffice.exe
  • You have to type in IRC: Bug fdo#38915 - Multiple soffice.bin soffice.exe
  • Claiming a bug with IRC post like "Taking Bug fdo#12345" might be useful, it you would be frustrating if 5 users try to reproduce in time and then most of them get "Mid Air Collision" because someone else was a little faster with his results. Please do not forget to leave a post on IRC when you are ready (or need help).

Planned Sessions

Bughuntbanner 2-wide.png

Bug Triage Training Sessions

These sessions will focus on learning how to do bug triaging of new filled bugs. Mentors will assist new comers or those who need some help to improve their QA skills.


Monthly Bug Hunting Sessions

These sessions will focus on cooperative confirming bugs concerning alternating mottoes. Rainer Bielefeld will not continue activity here due to missing feedback and contribution.

IRC Session 2011-11-01

User Rainer Bielefeld will not be able to participate (same 2011-12-06)

IRC Session 2011-10-04

Evaluation / Review

Point of view Rainer Bielefeld: As every month Wolfgang Pechlaner joined activity, yesterday also Stephan Hennig on the German IRC channel, additionally very few activity on #libreoffice; result not worth mentioning.

IRC Session 2011-09-06 13:00 UTC

The mission was:

  • Check whether Master Build Bugzilla Bugs show regressions compared to 3.4 Branch.
  • Check whether fixes for several OOo Issues really have been integrated into LibO (that has been assumed on, for Apache-OOo they are considered as OOo 3.4 showstoppers).
  • All other bug confirming / Bug triage.

Evaluation / Review

Point of view Rainer Bielefeld: I wasted enough time time with preparation, I will not invest any more time to report the few results Wolfgang Pechlaner and I got. From 13:00 to 19:00 UTC totally 15 bugs have been changed (what is below normal activity with 70 bugs with changes / day), what means that most activity was outside IRC session. We worked on tdf#39465, tdf#40449, tdf#39365, tdf#39528, tdf#39217, tdf#39865, did not check whether the Apache-OOo 3.4 possible showstoppers really all have been fixed for LibO already.

IRC Session 2011-08-02

In the morning we have 37 Unconfirmed Bugs, let's hope during the day we can get 20 of them to CONFIRMED or ASSIGNED?

A first result in the evening: Number of these bugs reduced to 22, I believe that's a really good result. Thank you to all participants!

BugStatistic.png Additionally it would be great to see a stair down in the statistics for the Open and Untouched Bug reports bugs.

Evaluation / Review

Point of view Rainer Bielefeld:

  • The goal to have some hours with extraordinary activity has been reached.
  • The simple statistics data seems not so very impressive, but it does not show that in the bugs also a lot of additional information has been added what should ease fixing.
    • Relevant reduction of number of UNCONFIRMED bugs
    • Related to IRC Session (6 hours) I got app. 60 Bugzilla bug change e-mails, the normal rate is 35 a day.
    • IRC has been used as a worthwhile addition to the normal Bugzilla Comments
  • New ideas, we need
    • a "rule" what dialogs need what "Reset" Buttons. Currently existing of BACK, RESET, DEFAULT in different dialogs seems arbitrary.
    • A Developer expert / contact person for
  • I do not think that the marketing was successful, people I saw active were mainly those I always see contributing to the project
  • "Hard nuts" have not been cracked, but a lot of routine work has been done.