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The Ideas wiki is the most free-form and least curated of all of our QA/Projects categories. So go nuts, suggest just about anything, and we'll consider it.

To add an Idea, please follow the formatting below and add a new entry under Ideas.


Idea: Set a Triage Standard of "No Bug Should be Left Untriaged for more than 30 Days

  • SUMMARY: Bugs sit for much too long, reflects poorly on everyone, good to get to them within 30 days
  • PROJECT: Add specific projects

Idea: Have 30 QA Members Triaging Regularly

  • PROPOSED BY: Robinson & Joel
  • SUMMARY: We are overwhelmed, minimum of 30 regular triagers needed

Idea: LibreOffice FDO should use flags to track blockers

PROPOSED BY: Frédéric Buclin

SUMMARY: I was reading Release Criteria#Blocker Bug Nomination and noted that the way to track blockers is to add bugs to the dependency list of tdf#31865. This IMO makes it hard to track nominations versus confirmed blockers. Also, you cannot easily display all blockers as a buglist.

What we do at Mozilla is to use flags to track them. For instance moz#605425 shows that this bug was blocking the release of Bugzilla 4.0, but not of Bugzilla 3.6.3. tdf#33070

Idea: make top menu colors on homepage match colors of top menu used in wiki

  • SUMMARY: The wiki uses the new LO 4.0 colors. They are much lighter on the eye. Homepage should be adjusted for consistency.
The change looks ugly IMHO. I specifically used the “old” colors in a way that showed hierarchy gradually. Now, the colors are too harsh (too much contrast) and there is no hierarchy anymore. Not trying to attack anybody, but I don’t think it’s an improvement. —Fitoschido (talk) 2014-06-29T09:04:48 (UTC)
Well I wanted to write a mail to the design ML today requesting help with the new colors and getting advices.... Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-06-29T11:58:36 (UTC)

Idea: implement clear distinction between Support (AskLO) and Bugs in Bugzilla

  • PROPOSED BY: SteveBell
  • SUMMARY: Many reported "bugs" in FDO are actually support requests or questions concerning LO. Those should not go there but there is no clear indication that questions can go to AskLO.

Idea: clean-up AskLO UI

  • PROPOSED BY: SteveBell
  • SUMMARY: AskLO is a great platform. But the UI is let's say a "little" bit messy. This needs to be cleaned up. We could draw many ideas from the Ask Ubuntu page. I think they did a great job coming up with a nice, clean design.

What's to improve?

  • remove "First time here? Check out the FAQ!". This is a site for user questions. If you have to read a FAQ before using it, something is wrong.
  • Hide side-bar on the right? Also cluttering the page a lot. Having a proper search function should cover that anyways.
  • Integrate top links in a nice top bar (similar to the ubuntu page) to have a more consistent design instead of many link sections (top menu bar, plus top right links, plus side bar on the right - that's overwhelming and confusing).
  • the fonts look somewhat off, maybe we can use some nicer fonts like the google webfonts? I know thats google but those do look nice. Maybe we can find an alternative?

Rejected Ideas