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    The Ideas wiki is the most free-form and least curated of all of our QA/Projects categories. So go nuts, suggest just about anything, and we'll consider it.

    To add an Idea, please follow the formatting below and add a new entry under Ideas.


    Idea: Set a Triage Standard of "No Bug Should be Left Untriaged for more than 30 Days

    • PROPOSED BY: Joel
    • SUMMARY: Bugs sit for much too long, reflects poorly on everyone, good to get to them within 30 days
    • PROJECT: Add specific projects

    Idea: Have 30 QA Members Triaging Regularly

    • PROPOSED BY: Robinson & Joel
    • SUMMARY: We are overwhelmed, minimum of 30 regular triagers needed

    Idea: implement clear distinction between Support (AskLO) and Bugs in Bugzilla

    • PROPOSED BY: SteveBell
    • SUMMARY: Many reported "bugs" in FDO are actually support requests or questions concerning LO. Those should not go there but there is no clear indication that questions can go to AskLO.

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