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Developers are only humans. Their modifications sometimes cause unexpected side effects, which bring new bugs or unreasonable performance downgrade. Regression tests help to find such problems. They check that a particular functionality works as designed and end users could happily use it in their daily job.

Naturally, the regression test will be executed in each testable new build. On the other hand, in practice it is unobtainable, that we can try out each corner of a large software as LibreOffice in each release. So we have regression test set selectively from often used scenarios or functionality and have them tested in beta and RC phase.

Existing Tests

LibreOffice has a well defined release cycle and Release Criteria. There are major releases X.Y.0 with their daily, beta and release candidate builds. Also there are bugfix releases X.Y.Z with their release candidate builds. The following tests are needed:


All builds are available 1-2 days before the official announce. We need to make sure that they are somehow usable on as many platforms as possible. Please, help us to do the following:

  • monitor the pre-announcement mails on the mailing list
  • download the build for your platform from the dev-builds pre-releases site
  • install it and try some basic operations, e.g. open/save documents in Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw
  • if you find a bug that makes the build almost unusable, please let us know in a reply to the announcement mail. Please keep all people and mailing lists in CC
  • report bugs into bugzilla

FIXME: There are some attempts to automatize this task.

Full Regression Test

The automatic tests are currently run during the build:

Basic Regression Test

純粋なバグ修正リリースは、各メジャーリリース後、毎月行われます。完全なリグレッションテストのための十分な時間がありません。開発者は変更をレビューすることにより、純粋なバグ修正リリースでのリグレッションを回避しようとします。しかし、彼らは人間です。依然として重要なリグレッションテストを行うことは理にかなっています。 通常 priority 1 とpriority 2 はこのフェーズでテストされます。