3.4 版发布说明

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LibreOffice 3.4 变更


  • 用于高亮 writer 页面的新渐变/阴影,可在选项中配置颜色(工具 ▸ 选项 ▸ 外观 ▸ 阴影)。只需启动 writer 并选用觉得漂亮的页面/阴影 (Sébastien Le Ray)
  • 列与脚注分割线支持颜色与线条样式。这改进了 LibreOffice 与 ODF 的兼容性 (Cédric Bosdonnat)。
  • 项目符号与编号增加希腊字符模式 (Pantelis Koukousoulas)
  • graphite 智能字体渲染支持,完全重写使用更快的新版 graphite 引擎,现在更为稳定,至少快 10 倍。无需更改现有字体或文档。 (Keith Stribley, Martin Hosken, SIL International)


  • Redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog (Edit ▸ Sheet ▸ Move/Copy) to improve its ergonomics. (Joost Eekhoorn, Christoph Noack)
  • Support for autofilter per sheet: It is now possible to set autofilter per sheet without manually creating named database ranges prior to setting autofilter. Previously Calc only supported one autofilter per document, which caused the previous autofilter to disappear when setting another one even on a different sheet unless a named database range was created beforehand. (Markus Mohrhard)
  • Re-work of the drawing layer, to improve precision on re-positioning and re-sizing of drawing objects. (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)
  • Massive re-work of external reference handling: External reference handling code has been significantly re-worked in order to fix a large number of defects in formula calculations involving external references, and to boost data caching performance especially when referencing large data ranges. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • Named ranges in sheet-local scope: Previously, Calc only supported named ranges in global scope, that is, all named ranges were made available for the entire document regardless of the current sheet. In 3.4 Calc now supports named ranges that are local to a sheet. The named range dialog (Insert ▸ Names ▸ Define) has been modified to reflect this change. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • Multiple subtotals on a single sheet: It is now possible to define more than one subtotal range in a single sheet via Data ▸ Subtotals. Previously, setting a second subtotal range removed the first one if they were on the same sheet. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • Preserve OLE links to other Excel documents when importing an Excel document. OLE links get converted to external references upon import. Previously, Calc ignored OLE links and cells containing OLE links resulted in error upon import. (Kohei Yoshida)


  • Support for unlimited number of fields: Previously DataPilot only supported up to 8 column/row/data fields and up to 10 page fields. 3.4 has lifted this restriction to allow unlimited number of fields in each field type. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • Named range as data source: With 3.4 it is now possible to use a named range as the data source for DataPilot. This allows, for example, addition of new rows to the data source and update of the DataPilot table to reflect the new data, without manually changing the data source range in the DataPilot dialog. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • Re-work of the internals: The internal implementation of DataPilot has been significantly re-worked in order to fix several regressions especially with regard to refreshing of DataPilot tables. (Kohei Yoshida)

Impress / Draw

  • 改进内容页面带幻灯片图像缩略图库的 HTML 导出 (Julien Nabet, Michael Meeks)


  • 由 Java 改用 C++ 重写了纯 ODF 导入与导出文件滤镜,大大改进了速度。请尝试将 writer 文档另存为“.fodt”文件 (Peter Jentsch)
  • 大量改进 StarOffice (2000 前) 二进制文件格式滤镜的残余问题,移除全部导出代码:滤镜现在更小、只读,还移除了“另存为”对话框杂乱内容 (Pierre-André Jacquod)



  • 开始支持 Unity 与全局菜单


  • 国际化的字体预览:在字体下拉选择器中,字体会根据特定文字调整,如阿拉伯语、希伯来语、马拉雅拉姆语等会额外显示目标文字的一些示例文字。参见之前之后的对比截图。(Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)
  • Natural Sorting: Menus list their entries in a natural sort order. e.g. "Heading 10" now appears directly after "Heading 9" in the list instead of directly after "Heading 1". See before and after screenshots. (Sébastien Le Ray) - this one apparently didn't make it into the release
  • Autocorrect: Typing "http:" at the start of a sentence no longer auto-capitalizes. Such URLs are now excluded from being auto-capitalized. (Sébastien Le Ray)
  • Text Rendering: Linux text-rendering improvements. Text is now drawn via Cairo with the same subpixeling options as other Cairo-using apps. The outcome is that text in LibreOffice is rendered the same as the rest of your desktop. See sample screenshot when desktop-wide subpixeling is enabled. (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)
  • Adapt to Linux mouse pointer themes more pleasantly (Kurosawa Takeshi)
  • Improve gtk+ theme integration, making LibreOffice look more native. Fix menu separators, Alt key issues, Toggle buttons, and many widget rendering details. See Comparison(Lucas Baudin)
  • Find toolbar now behaves much more like in applications like Firefox, or Evolution - is hidden by default, shows when the user presses Ctrl + f at the bottom of the document, and is wider, so more text fits there, see the detailed description and a screenshot. For the Search and Replace dialog, Ctrl + Alt + f is used. (Jan Holesovsky)
  • Separate borders width and style for Writer, Calc and Impress (Cédric Bosdonnat)
  • Added new 3D border types to increase compatibility with loads of file formats, including ODF. (Cédric Bosdonnat)
  • Color Charts: Adding and Removing color charts is now possible from Tools ▸ Options ▸ Charts ▸ Default Colors (Rob Snelders)
  • Rotate through case changes (Press ⇧ Shift + F3): fix for bug tdf#32559 (Bálint Dózsa)


  • Smoother startup on Linux: we now show our splash screen before starting to read all the application's data, giving a faster time to splash and cleaner code (Michael Meeks).
  • Remove inefficient, and un-necessary 'BmpColorMode' approach to accessibility theming. Reduce theme sizes and duplication by isolating high contrast icons in their own theme (Chris 'mordocai' Carpenter, Sebastian Spaeth)
  • Remove 150 duplicated redundant 'missing icon' icons to reduce bloat (Joachim Trémouroux, Andrew C. E. Dent)
  • Move seldom used text encoding conversions into a separate library, saving 1Mb or so of RAM (Jan Holesovsky, Michael Meeks)
  • Linux fontconfig leak: Fixed a font-related leak, saving up to 800k or so of RAM, depending on the amount of fonts installed (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)
  • Shrink Windows installer download by more than 30Mb using better compression schemes (Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai)
  • Remove 624 localized palette files and have them localized run-time (Andras Timar)
  • Remove compatibility support layer for old Windows 9x non-unicode Win32 APIs (Jesús Corrius)


  • When the document is encrypted with a password, you can now change the password while the document is open, from File ▸ Properties ▸ General ▸ Change Password. The button is enabled only when the document is encrypted with a password. (Kohei Yoshida)
  • LO-3.4 can be installed in parallel with LO-3.3 on Linux. Note that the user configuration is shared and both versions cannot be started at the same time.

Code cleanups

  • Remove stlport dependency across the code (Fridrich Strba)
  • Removal of numerous DECLARE_LIST in favor of STL and boost ptr_container. (Joseph Powers, Rafael Dominguez)
  • Many thousands of lines of German comments, translated to English (Christina Roßmanith, Albert Thuswaldner, Martin Kepplinger ...)
  • Thousand of incorrectly 'executable' files fixed (Francisco Saito)
  • More than 5.000 lines of dead code removed [Writer/Calc/Impress] (Kayo Hamid, Takeshi Abe)
  • Use of SAL_N_ELEMENTS [Writer/Calc/Impress/Base] (Kayo Hamid)
  • Cppcheck warnings fixes (Kayo Hamid)


  • Data Pilot is now named Pivot Table.
  • Add Beembe (bek), Bekwel(bkw), Kituba (mkw), Lari (ldi), Mbochi (mdw), Teke-Ibali (tek), Teke-Tyee (tyx), and Vili (vif) languages (Republic of Congo). Hunspell spell checker dictionaries in these languages are now useable in LibreOffice. (Andras Timar)
  • Add Portuguese (Angola) locale data (pt_AO). (Andras Timar)
  • Updated German spell check dictionaries, hyphenation and thesaurus