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    • LibreOffice 6.3 will require Windows 7 or newer

    New Features

    An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

    Reported Bugs

    A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla. On the other hand, the list of annoying bugs fixed in this version is available from Bugzilla. the full list of reported bugs is here.


    The full list of people who have collaborated in this release is here.

    List of fixed bugs

    Bugs fixed compared to 6.3.1 (rc2):

    1. rhbz#1648281 [libreoffice][fix available] Junk character gets added when some emojis are inserted. [Caolán McNamara]
    2. rhbz#1691287 LibreOffice does not prompt for printer authentication [Caolán McNamara]
    3. tdf#93998 Image background missing on dialog [Miklos Vajna]
    4. tdf#98130 after upgrade from LO to, clicking on checkboxes in a Base grid table form is inconsistent [Miklos Vajna]
    5. tdf#103345 FILEOPEN: Non-English numbering characters "①, ②, ③", "α, β, γ" are converted to digits (1,2,3) [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    6. tdf#103988 FILESAVE: DOCX with X Y Bubble chart corrupted after roundtrip, cannot open in MSO [Balazs Varga]
    7. tdf#107394 Cell size change during paste not undone with undo if pasted as HTML [Miklos Vajna]
    8. tdf#107776 Saving and opening document looses graphics positions [Miklos Vajna]
    9. tdf#114657 FILESAVE: Data table (from copied chart) with empty row exported incorrectly to XLSX (Data Labels missing and X-Values wrong) -see Comment 6 [Balazs Varga]
    10. tdf#118169 FILESAVE DOCX ActiveX form control saved incorrectly with Hungarian accented letters [Tamás Zolnai]
    11. tdf#118710 Report Builder Character Settings dialog Highlighting tab page doesn't set background [Tamás Zolnai]
    12. tdf#118809 Firebird: XDatabaseMetaData implementation returns NULL strings for DatabaseProductName and DatabaseProductVersion [Julien Nabet]
    13. tdf#119809 FILESAVE DOCX The combo box ActiveX control is lost in LibreOffice Writer [Tamás Zolnai]
    14. tdf#121983 not found when LO is built with internal cairo [Michael Stahl]
    15. tdf#122110 FILESAVE XLSX, One of the cell changes its textcolor to blue for no apparent reason. [Eike Rathke]
    16. tdf#122355 HELP button in Format Cells no longer opens help on Format Cells (it opens top of Help) [Caolán McNamara]
    17. tdf#124083 Import filter issue with DOCX with embedded graph in decimal precision of x-axis values [Balazs Varga]
    18. tdf#125088 Default buttons have the wrong text color on macOS [Xisco Faulí]
    19. tdf#125340 CRASH: closing LibreOffice while migration dialog is open ( GTK3 ) [Caolán McNamara]
    20. tdf#125610 More Characters button is unreadable on macOS [Xisco Faulí]
    21. tdf#126007 "Help" button in "AutoCorrect" dialog doesn't open relevant help entry [Caolán McNamara]
    22. tdf#126042 Title and extension version number are mangled together in extension dialog [Caolán McNamara]
    23. tdf#126560 KDE-integration (Plasma 5): shifting/inserting rows with Alt+Shift not working correctly [Jan-Marek Glogowski]
    24. tdf#126656 Modifying one outline level with slide scope selected changes layout for all the outline levels [Gülşah Köse]
    25. tdf#126663 XLSX: LibreOffice is freezed when I try open Style list in Sidebar [Noel Grandin]
    26. tdf#126693 I cannot create custom categories for captions [Caolán McNamara]
    27. tdf#126746 Closed shape cap style, losed after export to pptx [Bartosz Kosiorek]
    28. tdf#126784 Writer change not selected columns width [Justin Luth]
    29. tdf#126787 Setting borders on character format become paragraph format [Mike Kaganski]
    30. tdf#126792 DOCX legacy drop-downs are only supposed to hold 25 items [Tamás Zolnai]
    31. tdf#126911 Calc: Structure box and/of Structure tab in Function Wizard is very narrow [Caolán McNamara]
    32. tdf#126951 crash in custom slide show [Caolán McNamara]
    33. tdf#127003 Calc: Page Formatting: Header & Footer: cant insert field into proper position [Caolán McNamara]
    34. tdf#127029 gtk3: empty spinbuttons don't stay empty when the notebook gets split [Caolán McNamara]
    35. tdf#127048 Macro warning dialog is prompted in a file with no macro [Caolán McNamara]
    36. tdf#127085 PPTX: FILESAVE: Transparency is lost after RT [Tamás Zolnai]
    37. tdf#127092 MariaDB/MySQL native connector: Import tables creates empty table [Tamas Bunth]
    38. tdf#127093 MariaDB/MySQL native connector: Import of Autovalue from HSQLDB sets '0' to '1' [Tamas Bunth]
    39. tdf#127110 Vesion not saving .xlsx files correctly [László Németh]
    40. tdf#127120 Double selecting of level in list in B&N dialog in Writer (gen) [Caolán McNamara]
    41. tdf#127168 "Ranges containing merged cells…" modal dialog underlays Autofilter pull-down [Caolán McNamara]
    42. tdf#127180 Firebird: propose migration + Firebird by default only in experimental [Julien Nabet]
    43. tdf#127189 Editing a particular math formula using underbrace / overbrace destroys the UI under GTK3 [Caolán McNamara]
    44. tdf#127240 installer text not fully visible [Roman Kuznetsov]
    45. tdf#127304 EDITING Horizontal multilevel axis labels all get the same vertical rotation [Balazs Varga]
    46. tdf#127357 Mail merge's "Select address list" dialog is no longer modal (except on gtk3) [Michael Weghorn]


    This build contains these translation updates: [1]. See credits for each language.