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For meetings of the Membership Committee, please see TDF/Membership Committee Meetings

Supported by talkyoo

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The Document Foundation would like to especially thank for their generous support with our phone conferencing system. Thanks a lot, folks!

What it's about

Discussions of the Board of Directors take place on public mailing lists. Once every two weeks, for those interested, we host a conference call on the phone, to discuss ongoing topics and recent activities directly. Everyone interested is invited to join, all callers can speak. The conference calls are open for everyone to join, following our approach to transparency and openness. Phone conferences with public participations Marketing/ConfCalls are available for marketing, and will be available for other projects soon.

Reaching the board outside regular meetings

You can always reach the board privately by mailing to, or (preferrably, since we're default-open) publicly by mailing to the public mailing list. If TDF officers can't make a call, or for ad-hoc meeting needs of TDF members, please ping one of the TDF administrators on the #tdf-infra connect via webchat IRC channel.

Some important notes

  • Although being public, these calls are not to be considered as official press statements for journalists. Journalists are invited to join, but for media Q & A, there will be separate sessions where official statements by TDF representatives are made.
  • Every call will be recorded and made available as uncut audio file to the public afterwards. If you join, you agree that you will be recorded.
  • We do not charge a fee for joining the calls. However, normal phone costs apply. Please check your provider for more details.

How to prepare yourself

  • Most topics we will discuss have been raised on our main mailing lists already, especially discuss and marketing. Please have a look at them, to stay up to date on recent activities.
  • Join our IRC channel #documentfoundation connect via webchat during the call, so in case we post links or texts, you are in the loop.

Next Call

Date and Time

The TDF BoD calls will take place every other Monday, 1700 Berlin time, starting February 29, 2016.

Important Notes

  • Contracts and obligations with third parties have to be approved by two BoD seat holders, amongst them the BoD chair, and in case (s)he cannot, the BoD deputy chair. Alternatively, a warrant can be issued by one of these.
  • Decisions need a quorum of 1/2 of the participating or represented BoD seat holders. If decisions are tied, the vote of the BoD chair (or his representative), and if not available, the vote of the BoD deputy chair (or his representative) are decisive.
  • People coming late or leaving early need to be mentioned in the minutes

Agenda for next scheduled call on January 16th, 2017

Not all items might fit into each specific call, so the order should be in priority. The name in brackets shows who added that item, not who is in charge.
NOTE: Remember to open the respective pad

A. Who is keeper of the minutes?
B. Who is the session chair?
C. Who is in the call? Please give name and official role, if any
D. Is any BoD seat holder or deputy representing any BoD seat holder? (Only one representation per participant)
E. Is one of the BoD chair or BoD chair deputy in the call or represented? => If not, no quorum
F. Do we have at least 1/2 of the BoD, counting in representing deputies, in the call? => If not, no quorum
G. How many eligible voters, including represented ones, are in the call, so how many do we need for a quorum?
H. Verify correct invitation plus quorum and state that in the minutes
I. Have the decisions from the previous call been added to the appropriate wiki page already?
J. Have the minutes from the previous call been published already?
K. Have the minutes from the previous call been added to the internal WebDAV already?

Public agenda:

  1. Public agenda:

L. Ask again who is still in the call, to find missing participants

Private agenda:

recurring item: Verify number of dialled in participants with web interface (to avoid anyone else besides eligible participants are in the room)

Official BoD decisions should be added to the appropriate wiki page afterwards.

Dial-in Details

Phone Numbers (or google g+/g talk)

see Talkyoo


  • Room number: 53 71 38
  • No participant PIN is required
  • All calls will be recorded
  • All participants can speak


Minutes 2017-01-09

Voice recording (MP3): File:Talkyoo-2017-01-09.mp3