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I tried to do the same but it was a lot much harder (it stilk not works, but that's not the point). I had many problems with paths with spaces (maybe in Germany, the program files folder hav no spaces ?) --MatM 2011-10-03T23:20:39 (CEST)

There are spaces in paths in German too. We have for example "Dokumente und Einstellungen" und "Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0". That gives no problem for me. You might have a look at the tips for paths in Another problem is the length of the paths. You cannot put the source deep in a tree or at root level, but put it on first or second level. Regina 2011-11-29T17:12:02 (CET)

I try to build all without unit tests. Issuing

/opt/lo/bin/make build

still runs all unit tests.

What should I do to disable them *when making all*? Thank you. --Mikekaganski (talk) 2015-04-30T20:20:38 (UTC)