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    == SF Review comments

    In the Additional details section, the sentence "Mathematically, If N < 0, returns -N, otherwise returns N." has presumably been included becase it appears in the ODFF. Does it add anything to our description - it feels like repetition to me.

    --Stevefanning (talk) 2020-09-06T16:47:57 (UTC)

    == RG reply

    Yes that does look similar and I have removed it. --RonnieGandhi (talk) 2020-09-07T7:40:00 (UTC)

    • A small graph on the V-shaped ABS function? even a static one...

    --Olivier Hallot 2020-09-07T13:46:18 (UTC)

    Updated to address lessons learned during GSOD 2020. --Stevefanning (talk) 2021-09-07T18:48:17 (UTC)

    Error in item - not eligible for translation

    Hi, I noticed that in the table near the bottom of the page is a cell with value "=ABS(D1) where D1 contains the value -123". The English text doesn't get translated - it's not marked for translation. Floris v (talk) 2022-02-15T18:55:55 (UTC)

    Fixed now by changing the location of the closing translate tag. Anyone can fix stuff like that, so go ahead, if you see such small mistakes. --Beluga (talk) 2022-02-16T08:38:15 (UTC)
    Wasn't sure that it.d be so easy and didn't want to take any chances. Floris v (talk) 2022-02-16T13:09:51 (UTC)