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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    We no longer do manual testing. All the test cases were moved to automated tests.

    For a long period of time, we have used MozTrap (and before that Litmus) to execute manual tests on LibreOffice versions. MozTrap, developed by the Mozilla team, is no longer maintained and had the major drawback of not supporting localization of UI and testing process. We have decided to switch to TestLink which already supports several languages and has a way to manage different locales.

    TestLink is a web based application to manage manual tests along with software life cycle. Tests may vary from simple steps to more evolved process, but each will provide simple steps to follow. It is also a good way to learn how to use a functionality following the explanation and expected results.

    Meanwhile, please note that to use TestLink, advanced computer skills are not required.

    Sign up

    Create a new account in LDAP.

    Log in

    Log in to our TestLink instance

    TestLink Tour

    To enter the exciting TestLink world, we have written chapters describing each TestLink roll in our QA process.

    • TestLink User Guide is designed as a detailed manual for people who prefer to contribute executing, updating and creating concrete test cases.
    • TestLink Admin Guide is designed as a detailed manual for people who would love to maintain, optimize TestLink's test organization, as well as to coordinate test processes.

    TBD: testcase organization and process

    TestLink Localisation

    To be able to translate tests, you need first to login and select the language instance you want to work in, i.e at the top right of the site, select your language in the drop down list in front of Test Project. You need to either have the senior tester or test designer role to be able to edit the tests to translate.

    If there is no Test Project in your language, request for its creation on the QA/Mailing_List or the #libreoffice-qa IRC:// irc channel, one of the admin of TestLink will create it and import the current set of English tests to it.

    To translate the test:

    • click on Test Specification link under the Test Specification area on the bottom left of the page
    • click on the first test under LibreOffice OO, it is now displayed on the right part of the page
    • click on the small gray spin wheel at the top in front of the title of the test
    • click on the Edit button

    You will first translate the title, description and prerequisites of the test. Select the corresponding Keyword and assign it to the test by clicking on the blue arrow in the middle. Then click on Save.

    Now click on each step to be able to translate it. Click on Save button once done. Repeat for each test you still see in English.